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5 New Reasons to Upgrade Your Google Toolbar

Google has launched the new version of its Toolbar for Internet Explorer (Sorry Firefox fans) which is currently in beta version. If you are still using the IE browser, there are 5 new reasons why you would continue to love the Google Toolbar

1. ) Add Google Gadgets – Google Toolbar now gives users easy access to the nifty tools, functionality and content from Google’s stable of web gadgets.Likewise, this would give Google gadgets developer additional avenue to distribute their gadgets.

2. ) Fill in forms with a single click – Just in time for the holiday shopping rush, Google Toolbar is also activating its AutoFill feature which lets users accomplish web forms with a single click using address and contact information saved with the Toolbar. This new Toolbar feature even lets users preview the form and let them maintain multiple profiles. This is a useful feature if users maintain two separate profiles for their home and office address.

3.) Multiple computer Toolbar access – Toolbar settings can now be saved and can be used on other computers just by signing into their Google account.

4.) Clip and collect content through Google Notebook– Yup, what used to be a separated web application is now integrated into the Google Toolbar for easy article clipping and collection.

5.) Get suggestions for broken links – The usual 404 or DNS error pages that pop out when users enter a broken link says goodbye. In its place Google Toolbar will display suggestions for top related pages.

Upgrade your Google Toolbar now folks!

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5 New Reasons to Upgrade Your Google Toolbar

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