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5 More Free Tools To Improve Search Engine Optimization

As we mentioned in our last article, 5 Free Search Engine Optimization Tools Available Online, analytics can be a great way to evaluate and improve your website.

Based on all the feedback and information we received from readers, we decided to round out our top ten with five more sites (and some useful tools) that can help add value to your website.

1. SEOmoz : This is a great site for evaluating some key online analytics including page strength, keyword difficulty, crawl test and term targeting.

Another useful resource is the site’s GeoTargeting Direction Tool. This shows how a site appears in local searches on Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft Live Search. The screenshots show where on the page a company website appears and what other sites appear near it. If a site is not listed, the results page has a link to add it to each of the search engines.

Access to the tools varies – some have unrestricted access, while others are only available to non-premium customers once in a 24 hour period. To become a premium member you are required to register on the site and pay a subscription fee.

2. PPC for Hire : This site includes key SEO tools from around the web. Some of the tools come directly from Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft to help optimize online marketing efforts specifically for these sites.

This site mostly focuses on tools to help companies using pay-per-click advertising models. But alongside the keyword selector, WordTracker, VeriClik click fraud monitoring, and combine word tool, there are a few hidden gems.

Websites that cater to the ever-growing group of web users on the go should check out the testing tool, which evaluates a site’s usability to visitors on mobile devices. The URL is evaluated using industry best practices and the results from include an overall score and in-depth analysis. This website allows visitors to see how a web page appears on one of five mobile devices. It also provides specific information on ways to improve a site’s score.

3. SEO-Browser : SEO-Browser allows visitors to view their website the way search engines do. The results show you the metadata, page load time, number of links and the description and keywords the search engines see. It also allows you to view the page in HTTP script, check links and view the source code. This handy little tool can provide a lot of useful information about how search engines see your site, which, in turn, can help you improve search engine rankings.

4. Compete Tools : The toolbar available from Compete Tools takes less than a minute to download and can provide helpful feedback on your site’s traffic as well as your competitors’. For search engine optimization, the toolbar’s trust and profile features reveal vital pieces of information about websites.

The trust feature tells if a domain is verified as trusted based on Compete community traffic history and partner inputs. The profile tool provides information about a specific site including unique visitors each month and ranking among the top 1 million visited sites on the Internet. These can help a website understand how trustworthy others perceive it, and how its site compares to others.

The one drawback of the Compete results, much like that of Alexa, is that the data only comes from web surfers who have installed the toolbar, so the results may be skewed.

5. IP Tools : The information available at IP Tools is an invaluable way to resolve IP addresses to physical location and infrastructure issues. The resource shows basic information about a site such as domain information. It also has a spam database, DNS and reverse DNS lookups, among others. The site doesn’t provide detailed explanations of its findings, so it may be most helpful for advanced users.

These five sites all offer helpful tools and online advice for evaluating a website, but it is important to remember that they differ in the amount of background information and advice offered. Choose a site that provides enough information to get started. Beginners may want sites that are more basic and provide more detailed information, while advanced users may want to see their results without explanation.

With any tool it is important to note that it is only one measure of a website. Stellar results from one tool may not mean that your website is perfect, so using a variety of analytics can provide a more rounded and insightful look at your company’s website.

Julie Mason is the General Manager for, the comprehensive online buyers’ guide and vertical search engine, with more than two million company listings from over 155 countries worldwide.

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Julie Mason

Julie Mason is the General Manager for, the leading vertical search engine, with more than two million company listings ...

5 More Free Tools To Improve Search Engine Optimization

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