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4 Things We Can Learn About Content Marketing from Daniel Tosh

Like most online marketers, I’m always on the lookout for new tips and tricks. I’m confident in my own theories, but in order to stay on the cutting edge of an ever-changing industry, we need to consider what others are saying. However, I must admit that I never imagined one of those other people would be Daniel Tosh.

I’ve seen Tosh.0 before, and I’ve even seen some of his stand-up specials, but, for some reason, the other night I found myself saying, “Wow, this guy really knows how to market his content.” And in today’s post-Panda and Penguin world, that’s an invaluable asset.

So how does Tosh do it?

He Knows His Audience and Speaks to Them

In order for your content to be successful, it needs to connect with someone. Tosh connects with an entire generation of Internet users. Anyone who has ever laughed at a YouTube video or appreciates a little mockery can automatically connect with his show.

With that said, Tosh knows exactly who watches his show. He doesn’t try to please grandma and a 21-year-old college student at the same time. He directs his unapologetic humor at his audience, and they appreciate him for that.

The lesson: Figure out who your audience is and speak directly to them. If you can successfully engage with your core audience, you’ll develop loyalty, and that loyalty will spread.


If I admire Tosh.0 for one thing, other than the sharp wit of its host, it is its simplicity. The entire show consists of Daniel Tosh standing in front of a green screen with a few comedy skits sprinkled into the mix. He doesn’t try to overdo it. He stands there, plays a video, and mocks it. And his audience loves it.

The lesson: Don’t try to do too much at once. If your site and the content you’re marketing looks jumbled, you’re going to turn users away. Keep your message simple and clear.

He Uses His Content to Its Full Potential

This is what separates Tosh.0 from your ordinary stand-up comedy bit. He takes his content, which is online videos, and uses it to its full potential. In addition to showing and mocking the videos, he takes the richest content (in his case, the funniest videos) and makes full segments out of them with Web redemptions, video breakdowns, etc.

The lesson: Whenever you have a piece of content, ask yourself, “What else can I do with this?” Can you take that blog or article and turn it into a video or a webinar? Could you start doing a podcast? Sure, this requires a little creativity, but it’s bound to separate you from the rest of the competition.

He Supplements His Content with Other Media

During his show, Tosh regularly includes tweets from his followers. By displaying these tweets and responding to them, he invites even more people to start following him on Twitter, which further improves his “brand.” At the end of each show, you’ll notice that he always mentions the Tosh.0 blog and that his fans can also follow him on his personal website.

The Lesson: In order to successfully market your content, you need to get it out there. In addition to your website, you need a social media presence, blogs, press releases, etc. After all, the goal of any successful marketing campaign is to make sure people find you, and I’d say Daniel Tosh has done a good job of that.

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4 Things We Can Learn About Content Marketing from Daniel Tosh

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