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30 Days of Yahoo Publisher Network

30 Days of Yahoo Publisher Network

As an experiment to dive into Yahoo’s contextual advertising network, Yahoo Publisher Network, Search Engine Journal had originally taken the vow to stick with YPN for the 7 days leading up to the Search Engine Strategies Conference earlier this month. The results of that week were quite revealing as when digging through the numbers we encountered some untargeted advertisements, RSS feed ads, behavioral targeted ads in the Denver Airport, growing eCPM and click value for the ads, and some sporadic under-performance at times. We’ve also been surprised to login occasionally to find earnings and CPM numbers for off-days or weekends shoot through the roof, which is the opposite of most advertising trends on this site.

The running of YPN on this site has become, more or less, entertaining and checking out the reporting in the YPN admin dashboard has added to the world of dynamic blogging, even smack dab in the middle of the summer vacation season. For this reason, Search Engine Journal is expanding our ‘testing’ of Yahoo Publisher Network from 7 days to 30 days (in honor of Morgan Spurlock) and will be issuing a in-depth review of our experiences with YPN during the second week of September.

In the meantime, I’ll be making the occasional post here at SEJ if any newsworthy trends appear in the Yahoo Publisher Network system. I do understand a large amount of publishers are eager to read our results, but my recommendation for those publishers is to have patience as a review of running YPN Ads on Search Engine Journal for one month will be more effective that covering our experiences over one up & down week.

Additionally, if you are a blogger or publisher and have tried Yahoo Publisher Network, please feel free to leave accounts of your own YPN experiences in the comments following this and other YPN oriented posts. Thank you.

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30 Days of Yahoo Publisher Network

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