3 Ways to Quickly Find the Tab You Need (FireFox)

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It’s like a disease: I always have plenty of tabs open in my FireFox and sometimes it is getting too difficult to control.

I keep tabs open if I want to give something more attention later the same day or if I want not to forget to include the link in the post or discuss it with the friend, etc. I open multiple tabs when doing research or clicking through search engine results.

FireFox tabs help me get orgnized, plan the day or quickly scan huge amounts of information.

Sometimes (often?) it gets really hard to actually find the tab I currently need (especially if there are many tabs from one site with same favicons): so here are the three tools that make that job easier:

Find In Tabs

Find In Tab is an awesome FireFox addon that adds a tiny option to CTRL+F command to search through all open tabs:

  • Clicking the “Find in Tabs” button on the find bar will search for text in all open tabs, and show a list of search results.
  • Clicking any of the results will jump to the tab on which it was found, and scroll directly to the highlighted text.

Find in tabs

URL Lister

URL Lister shows the URLs of all the tabs in a textarea so that it can be copied easily. Just right click any tab and click on the “URL Lister” (or use “Tools > URL Lister“) to open up the main dailog. Links can be listed:

  • In plain text;
  • Together with their titles in HTML;
  • Together with their titles in HTML in a list.

IRL lister

Tab Preview

Tab Preview allows to preview tabs on mouseover for you to quickly see what the tab contains:

Tab Preview

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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  • Manabu Tokunaga

    Thank you for the article. Also… I minimize my browser windows a lot, but once I do that, I cannot find which window contained the tab. At the end of a day, I have several browser windows with the same gmail open etc… I hope there will be a tip on that too.

  • Tara Thralls

    Ah, what a relief to know that I’m not the only one dealing with Tabs I will “deal with later”, and then I’m constantly re-visiting them, and “losing” them! I’ve had so many windows and tabs open a few times that Firefox just could not comply, and it crashed – luckily all my tabs were restored upon re-opening!

    But maybe these tools will help – they definitely sound interesting – and I will certainly try them out. Thanks for this post!


  • John

    Thanks – Those first two look pretty good, I’ll have to give them a try… As for the last one, I tried it sometime last year and wasn’t too excited about it. (Maybe because I often have SO many tabs open.) But I kept up the search and found FoxTab http://www.foxtab.com which I use often every day. It opens a page where you can see screenshots of all your open tabs in a variety of sizes and formats. From there you can close or jump to any tab.

  • Mark McCulloch

    I have been using firefox for quite sometime and I must admit I very much prefer it to internet explorer.

    The tabs feature is also awesome.

  • rohini

    it’s good I usually find it very cumbersome sometimes working with so many tabs open….now it would be more organized..

  • Tanveer

    thanks, really very good and use full addon

  • Dhvanil

    Hey Ann,

    Thanks for another great tool. Personally i need this tool for so long. When i start my day at office within one hour there are around 20 tabs open and at the end of day i save all tabs and re opens next day and new tabs added day to day so it will hard for me to find correct tab. This tool is very helpful for ppl like me..Kepp good work continue..

  • nick hopess

    thanks its really and useful stuff speciall webmaster like me, who always try to find new in internet and sharing with friends and get credits

  • Mehmet

    I loved your tips. I would add two recommendations to the list. I use “Session Manager” to capture my open tabs so I can restore wherever I left. I, somehow, enabled the history as well so if my browser crashed and I’m trying to visit 5 pages before a page that’s open on my tab, I can do it. This makes it so easy to go back where you left if you were doing a research.

    Another addon is “Link Gopher”. I would say it is an alternative to URL lister. With link gopher, you can extract all the links at once and you can list it by a filter which makes it easy to dump links of interest.

  • Len

    Tabs are totally useless, and firefox doesn’t let you disable them. With the Mac expose function you get a fast overview of all open windows and if you use tabs in your browsers you lose the functionality. (Windows 7 does something nice by showing previews of IE tabs from the task bar, but still tabs are usability rubbish.)

    Avoid using tabs, open a whole new window, especially if you’re on a mac.