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3 Ways to Easily Search for the Selected Text in FireFox

3 Ways to Easily Search for the Selected Text in FireFox

We have profiled and reviewed many various FireFox addons that provide some different search experience: for example, we had Web Pro Search that lets you search by dragging and dropping, Search Bastard that gives you a cool multi-search functionality, we even listed some ways to search Google using keyboard shortcuts.

Today I am going to review new addons that let you easily search right from the page: by highlighting the term yo want to check out:

1. SearchSelected

Search Selected allows to search using the keyboard shortcuts!

Here are the keyboard shortcuts you can use:

  1. Use numbers to search using your favorite search engines (for favorite search use keyboard buttons 0-9)
  2. Use pre-defined letter for various types of searc:
  • s: web search
  • c: current site search (using SITE: operator)
  • v: video search
  • i: image search
  • w: wikipedia search

Note: if the selected text is a URL – you can open it with the u button.

All search types will be performed in new tabs – which I found particularly cool!


2. RCSearch

RCSearch adds advanced searching capabilities to FireFox right-click context menu. Have it installed, highlight any term, right-click and choose the search engine.

All the available search engines can be seen on the screenshot:


3. Add Your Own Search Engines to Context Menu

Sachio Search is a FireFox addon that lets you add as many search engines to your FireFox context menus:

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  • Install the addon;
  • Select any word on a page;
  • Right-click and choose any search engine:

Sachio search

It allows to add, remove and re-order search engines from the addon options:


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