Dealing with huge keyword lists is time consuming and often you can’t do without (semi-)automation. While most of the work is usually handled through notepad (“find and replace” option) and Excel (“sort”, “insert”, etc options), some online tools may also be much help:

ToolMost useful feature
Local keywordsAdds any word (city) before / after the keyword / key phrase.
Mytrashmail keyword generatorReplaces any word for another one(s).
SEObook keyword generator Unites up to 5 modifier lists generating keyword lists using the following formular: word from list 1 + word from list 2 + word from list 3 + etc

Local keywords is the key phrase generator tool that is primarily designed for creating local keyword lists.


Input data:

If you leave ‘zip code’ and ‘radius’ fields blank, you can use the tool as the general keyword generator adding any words to “additional locations/’permutator’ ” field.


2. Keyword generator allows to change any word in your keyword list with other word / words:

3. SEObook keyword generator generates huge keyword lists using up to 5 keyword modifiers: