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3 FireFox Addons to Unite Multiple Google Services

3 FireFox Addons to Unite Multiple Google Services

Google provides an overwhelming number of services – it is quite natural we keep looking for the ways to unite those we use in one place. Here are 3 FireFox addon that will help you easier access your favorite Google tools:

Official Google Toolbar

The most popular and the most obvious way to access Google services: install Google toolbar. I am sure, most people are well aware of its features, so no point in detailing them here. It allows to access all Google services as well as select only those you personally use:

Google toolbar


Gbutts is a Firefox addon that creates a "speed dial" toolbar to help you quickly access to your favorite service. You can customize it by choosing which services you want to appear in the list and how they will be displayed:


(Warning: after the addon is installed, you may need to right-click on the FireFox menu, choose "Customize", find the GButts toolbar and drag it to the FireFox window)

Power Toolbar

Power Toolbar is a bit overwhelming way to keep Google (as well as Yahoo, Social bookmarking, etc) services in one huge toolbar. I’d say there are probably many people who may find it useful but to me it looks like too much:

Power Toolbar

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