The 2016 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The 2016 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social networks change the dimensions and formats of images frequently, and it can be difficult to stay updated with what is what. As you start to plan out your social media campaigns for 2016, it’s imperative that you optimize your personal and business’ social media profiles with the right image sizes if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Jamie Spencer of shared a handy cheat sheet with us that shows all the social media image dimensions in one infographic below:

Editor Note: Twitter announced Dec 7 that they aren’t going to be cropping in-stream photos anymore. Thanks to Ben Brausen for the tip.

2016 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet | SEJ

Image Credits

Featured Image: Image by Jamie Spencer. Used with permission.
Infographic by Jamie Spencer. Used with permission.

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  • Gerry White

    one good reason why doing a 2016 social image size anytime in 2015 is premature….

    • Kelsey Jones

      Hi Gerry, the post was meant to get marketers ready for 2016. Of course social changes all the time, that’s one of the reasons why I love it! Appreciate the comment and your readership.

  • Kelsey Jones

    Thanks Ben! Obviously this infographic was created before Twitter announced they were uncropping photos on Dec 7. I will make a note in the post.

  • Aki! Please correct the measurement for Twitter! the posting sizes have COMPLETELY changed! the highest resolution I posted was 1360 x 1212! Twitter probably cropped it`: but nothing was cut off! The size 845×845 works now PERFECTLY which is an incredible improvement from 1024×512! thank you for updating your wonderful post…

    • Bruno, we included a note and a link that Twitter has updated their dimensions. please see that for more info.

  • NOPE not true I tweet lots of images! and 845×845 pixel gets right through without being cropped whatsoever!

    • My statement was in regards to the maximum timeline image, not the expanded view seen when you click on the picture.

  • Hey Matt, I found the 506px by 678px through testing with numerous size pictures. These were the max dimensions that would be displayed in the timeline, no matter the size and resolution of the monitors on which the timeline was displayed.

    I should note that this is the size in which they will appear at max in the timeline. Clicking the photo to expand them they will display with larger size limitations.

    Twitter (nor any of the social networks) has never been good about providing the maximum sizes or dimensions for images, so it’s been mostly trial and error to find the largest each time a change was made.

    An interesting note is that LinkedIn has made some recent changes. Images on mobile are displayed differently than on the desktop. They’re cropped at the top and bottom (top and bottom 145px), which means logos and other things are cut off. We’ve had to update our images to work with this difference and are working with our contacts at LinkedIn to get it change, as it’s less than optimal. You’ll also see that JPG images very often appear in poor quality on LinkedIn now. Use PNG to avoid this compression problem.

  • Great info graphic. Jamie at makeawebsitehub should check his own website as navigation doesn’t work on mobile and half way down the page it doesn’t display properly. Great graphic though x

  • Great work. I hope this cheat sheet will work for new social media marketing in 2016.

  • Thanks…This is very handy!

  • so thats why my images are not perfect on thier places…thanks for this amazing post…

  • tareqhassan

    you are genius, not for this post, but for this kind of posting idea 😀 😀

  • Perfect Information

  • mohsinsidhu89

    SuperB info-graph.
    thanks for sharing

  • Hey great observations. Good stuff to know. I really kije what Google+ has been doing btw…

  • PIPoodle

    Does the above mentioned LinkedIn Shared Image size also apply to Company Pages? That dimension you listed above seems small. Can you also tell us what to use for Showcase Pages? Thanks!

  • Much needed information for a new blogger like me. Now I get the reason why all my post images get cropped in Facebook feed.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • davesweney

    Thanks for this, a useful tool! Cheers! Dave : )

  • However, THANKS for taking the time to do this!

  • it’s very usefull for Social media optimizer..Thanks by #esyncsecurity

  • Wendy Kaloski

    This is helpful but I’m checking images on social media sites but they sppear to be the same.

  • Ahh the real numbers thats nice. Thanks

  • how about a PDF of the cheat sheet so it can be read when printed??

  • BartonRische

    Nice. You can try the amoyshare social media banner maker to design these social media images.

  • Jennifer Theriot

    This is great! Would be nice to be able to print it tho:/ You can also join Canvaand the various graphics are pre-sized, so you just pick what you want to design and it’s already sized for that use. ***WARNING*** Canva is highly addictive 😉