2014 Inc 5000 Rankings Released, Here Are The Top Search Companies

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The publication Inc has released their annual Inc 5000 rankings for 2014 — every year Inc Inc ranks the fastest-growing privately held companies. The rankings are based on percent growth, which is determined by earnings statements that are verified by either a CPA or a lawyer.

Now in it’s 33rd year, the rankings for 2014 contain a number of companies in the SEO and search marketing space. We would like to recognize their achievement in making this list, and let you know where they fall amongst other fast growing privately held companies.

Top Search Companies In The 2014 Inc 5000 Rankings

#328 Advice Interactive

A digital marketing agency that provides services including Internet marketing strategy, IT project management & integration and website design & development.

  • INDUSTRY: Advertising & Marketing
  • 3-YR-GROWTH: 1,421%
  • 2013 REVENUE: $5.9 M
  • 2010 REVENUE: $388,954

#417 SearchMarketers.com 

A boutique global digital advertising agency that increases search engine revenues and rankings for its clients.

  • 3-YR-GROWTH: 1,137%
  • 2013 REVENUE: $2.0 M
  • 2010 REVENUE: $167,294
  • INDUSTRY: Advertising & Marketing

#624 ZOG Digital

A digital marketing company that provides search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid advertising, and design and development services.

  • 3-YR-GROWTH: 748%
  • 2013 REVENUE: $2.8 M
  • 2010 REVENUE: $335,693
  • INDUSTRY: Advertising & Marketing

#673 Wordstream

A SaaS search engine marketing platform for small and midsize businesses that uses patented technology. Its free AdWords Performance Grader can deliver the equivalent of 40 hours of analysis in 60 seconds or less.

  • 3-YR-GROWTH: 677%
  • 2013 REVENUE: $6.5 M
  • 2010 REVENUE: $847,126
  • INDUSTRY: Advertising & Marketing

#774 WebMechanix

Begun as “two dudes” with a couple of laptops, WebMechanix specializes in search engine and paid content Internet advertising. WebMechanix has developed training documentation, a process, and technology framework that has resulted in a 90% client retention rate.

  • 3-YR-GROWTH: 590%
  • 2013 REVENUE: $2.4 M
  • 2010 REVENUE: $354,682
  • INDUSTRY: Advertising & Marketing

#1083 Moz

Provides analytics software to track all of a website’s SEO and inbound marketing efforts on one platform.

  • 3-YR-GROWTH: 411%
  • 2013 REVENUE: $29.2 M
  • 2010 REVENUE: $5.7 M
  • INDUSTRY: Software

#1100 Hubspot

Creates marketing software designed to replace intrusive marketing with relevant blog posts, website content and emails. Over 10,000 companies in 65 countries use HubSpot’s software.

  • 3-YR-GROWTH: 405%
  • 2013 REVENUE: $77.6 M
  • 2010 REVENUE: $15.3 M
  • INDUSTRY: Software

#1989 Bruce Clay

Provides SEO services to its clients as well as providing step-by-step methodologies for visitors, including free and subscription interactive tools on a broad range of Internet marketing topics.

  • 3-YR-GROWTH: 213%
  • 2013 REVENUE: $13.6 M
  • 2010 REVENUE: $4.3 M
  • INDUSTRY: Advertising & Marketing

#2450 Elite SEM

A digital performance marketing agency that specializes in SEM and SEO. It conducts marketing campaigns on search engines and provides optimization and Web analytics.

  • 3-YR-GROWTH: 158%
  • 2013 REVENUE: $13.8 M
  • 2010 REVENUE: $5.3 M
  • INDUSTRY: Advertising & Marketing

#2592 Search Influence

Provides Internet marketing services to its clients, such as local search, paid search and social media advertising.

  • 3-YR-GROWTH: 145%
  • 2013 REVENUE: $5.0 M
  • 2010 REVENUE: $2.0 M
  • INDUSTRY: Advertising & Marketing

#3370 Hanapin

A digital marketing agency that focused on online advertising management. It publishes the digital advertising blog, PPC Hero.

  • 3-YR-GROWTH: 100%
  • 2013 REVENUE: $2.5 M
  • 2010 REVENUE: $1.2 M
  • INDUSTRY: Advertising & Marketing

#4073 Third Door Media

Publishes websites and produces webcasts and live events for the search marketing niche. Its four brands include search engine land, search marketing expo, marketing land and search marketing now.

3-YR-GROWTH: 73%
2013 REVENUE: $7.9 M
2010 REVENUE: $4.6 M
INDUSTRY: Advertising & Marketing

#4401 Titan SEO 

Helps businesses increase revenue, gain new customers, increase brand exposure and get their messages out to target markets primarily by managing clients’ SEO and PPC campaigns on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

  • 3-YR-GROWTH: 61%
  • 2013 REVENUE: $4.5 M
  • 2010 REVENUE: $2.8 M
  • INDUSTRY: Advertising & Marketing

#4687 NetSearch Direct

A full service digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, pay-per-click advertising and web design services.

  • 3-YR-GROWTH: 52%
  • 2013 REVENUE: $2.1 M
  • 2010 REVENUE: $1.3 M
  • INDUSTRY: Advertising & Marketing

Congratulations to these companies for making the Inc 5000 rankings for 2014! You can see the full list of companies included in this year’s rankings right here.

Matt Southern

Matt Southern

Lead News Writer
Matt Southern is the lead news writer at Search Engine Journal. His passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing flows through in the expert industry coverage he provides.
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  • http://www.insurancefix.net Kashif khan

    Very nice article, thanks for sharing.
    I was finding revenue info about MOZ which you done my search.
    Thanks Matt and i am waiting for your next interesting and amazing post.

  • http://www.twitter.com/patrickcoombe Patrick Coombe

    Thanks Matt – very interesting statistics you’ve gathered here. I am guessing there are a handful of companies doing numbers bigger than half of these that haven’t sought inclusion in Inc/Fortune etc, particularly some of these larger scale SEO / PPC companies that manage 1mm/5mm accounts.

    Either way, some really impressive growth esp. for the first few. Wordstream in particular WOW.

  • http://networthportal.com Saleem Mumtaz

    @Matt, SEJ is not in Top Search Companies ? I was expecting. Moz and SearchMarketers was totally expected by me. They know each details of upcoming updates. I have sports blog totally different niche to them. But without them I was not able to get little success.

    SEJ is my second option whenever want to get some inspiration related to entrepreneurship or SEO.

    Seriously you all are great motivation to newbies.

    • http://www.moxiedot.com Kelsey Jones

      Thanks for the kind words, but we aren’t a search company, we’re a search blog/resource. 🙂

      • Saleem Mumtaz

        oh great 🙂

  • http://3QDigital.com Hillary Read

    Hi, Matt…great article. Would you consider including 3Q Digital? We’re on the list at #677, just behind Wordstream: http://www.inc.com/profile/3q-digital

    • http://www.moxiedot.com Kelsey Jones

      Hi Hillary, we included mainly companies where employees were SEJ contributors or we have worked with them in the past. It’s just a sampling of the great companies that are on the list.

      • http://www.3qdigital.com David Rodnitzky

        You should change your headline, then, to “Companies that have contributed to SEJ that made the Inc list” as the current headline implies that you included all SEM companies on the list.

  • http://www.3qdigital.com David Rodnitzky

    You missed us! #671 or somewhere around there.

  • http://3qdigital.com David Rodnitzky

    Hey Hillary, looks like no one actually reads these comments. We could have a lot of fun here!

    • http://www.moxiedot.com Kelsey Jones

      Hi David, we read them! 🙂