2014 A Big Year For Google Photos: Adobe Photoshop Veteran Moves To Google Photo Team

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Adobe’s John Nack announced on his blog this week that after 14 years with the company he will be leaving Adobe to join Google’s digital photography team. Before becoming the Principal Product Manager at Adobe, Nack spent 8 years on the Photoshop team.

In addition to a deep understanding of the inner workings of Photoshop, Nack has also been a passionate advocate for Adobe and its community for years, as you can see in a statement from his blog post:

Merlin Mann once asked me, “What do you want ten times more of?” I knew the answer: Impact. I’m so proud of the impact I’ve had at Adobe. From Smart Objects to Photoshop’s first-ever public beta to countless little tweaks over the years, I’m proud of that legacy. Now, though, I’ll get a chance to work on some new projects. It’s about doing something very different from, and I think complementary to, the work I’ve done at Adobe.

For these reasons and more, the addition of John Nack to Google’s digital photography team is significant.

What This Means For Google

Google went to great lengths over the past year to make Google+ the social media destination for photography enthusiasts with the capabilities they’ve added to the Google+ photo suite. Nack’s expertise could help with the cloud processing done by Google+ to edit and enhance photos.

The tremendous photography features of Google+ have been among the top reasons to use the platform as of late. The Auto Awesome features are something Nack could improve upon or add to. Not to mention Google owns Snapseed, one of the best mobile apps on the market for photo editing, which Nack could help make even better.

Or maybe Google and Nack will collaborate on something entirely new. No matter what they end up doing it’s clear Google is serious about continuing to step up their photography efforts, which is great news for those of us who enjoy editing and enhancing photos.

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  • James Halloran

    I think this further proves my theory that Google is in the process of beautifying its pages in order to compete with Bing. One thing Google doesn’t want to lose to is Bing’s beautiful design.

    I’m sure they hired John Nack for many other reasons, but I think the primary thing is to make its pages more aesthetic than its competitors at the moment, especially since its competitors are currently beating them in the design aspects.

  • tfl

    this should be interesting to see as they will def step up their game…

  • Google are stepping up their G+ appeal, for sure, so this seems like a perfectly natural move. You take a look at your G+ account and it’s much more aesthetically pleasing than Facebook’s. Only Pinterest matches it, yet it’s not really a major social media tool for businesses. The appeal wore off a bit. With Google+ you have the photo services such as Auto Awesome, so here’s a new reason to go Google. Man, they’re taking over the planet!