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2010 NFL Draft Online : Live Video & Twitter

2010 NFL Draft Online : Live Video & Twitter

The 2010 NFL Draft will mark the first time the drafting of college players by NFL teams will be held in Prime Time, and not during the weekend, as the NFL has expanded the event to 3 days, in a similar fashion as they did with the 2009 Probowl, holding it the weekend before the Super Bowl.

This year, the 75th NFL Draft will start tonight at 7:30 pm, and is being televised on ESPN and also the NFL network, which will be airing 24 hour NFL Draft coverage. I’m pretty excited to watch the draft on ESPN tonight, to see where this class of intense defensive players and QB’s are picked up, and to see what the Baltimore Ravens (my hometown team) does with their #24 pick.

But if you’re like me, your cable provider may not offer the NFL Network, so my 2010 NFL Draft experience will be limited to ESPN. Fortunately, there are alternatives to watching the Draft Live Online, and also following this year’s Draft via different tools and mobile apps.

Watch the NFL Draft with Live Video is hosting live streaming video of the NFL draft beginning at 7:30, when the St. Louis Rams will be on the clock with their #1 pick. The live stream will be at is also covering the NFL Draft with video coverage and detailed team and player rankings & information at Inside the Draft.

ESPN has Draft coverage on 2010 NFL DraftCast also with Live Video and detailed team information and NFL news. In addition, ESPN has extremely cool integration of Twitter Feed and Facebook conversations around the Draft that even shows your Facebook friends who are watching the NFL Draft on ESPN.

Between, CBSsports and ESPN, there is no shortage of live streaming video coverage of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Follow the NFL Draft on Twitter

The official hashtag for this year’s NFL Draft is #NFLDraft which you can follow on your mobile, PC or favorite Twitter application for updated NFLDraft info, rants and insight … in 120 characters or less. There is also a very good Twitter account worth following called NFLDraftBible and of course you can follow NFL Player reactions on Twitter via their Twitter accounts; here’s a great list from Listorious.

In addition, if you want to find friends on Twitter who may also be watching the NFL Draft or follow your favorite players, try the Google Labs Follow Finder. For example, you can check out the followers of Chad Ochocinco or ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr.

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2010 NFL Draft Online : Live Video & Twitter

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