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2006 Winter Olympics Highlights on Video Search

2006 Winter Olympics Highlights on Video Search

If you’ve missed some of the live broadcasts of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games on television, you’ll want to catch some highlights online from some of your favorite search engines and video distribution channels. Official partnerships, video hacks, homemade Winter Olympic coverage and footage from Winter Olympics of the past are all available online via video search and other services.

NBC Olympics has an official partnership with Google Video to deliver short highlight clips via the Google Video interface. Under the agreement, NBC is providing Google Video with hundreds of Olympics previews, 15-second highlights and will be providing post Olympics Games footage available for viewing via Google Video or downloading. Most of the 15 second highlights on Google Video are actually previews to longer highlight reels at

If you look at the Google Video NBC Olympics highlight page, footage is currently available of Finland’s upset of Canada in Men’s Ice Hockey and Men’s Alpine Skiing clips.

If you go beyond Google Video and official sponsorships to YouTube, one can find some unofficial Torino Winter Olympic Games coverage such as Lee Hom performing at the games, someone blowing smoke rings into the Olympic Ring logo, Torino Opening Ceremonies, the Ghetto Winter Olympics, and a really cool video of Torino Olympic Locales via Google Earth.

For older Winter Olympics footage, head over to Yahoo Video Search for 2002 Winter Olympics highlights, news and footage of Michelle Kwan, and the Special Winter Olympics.

Additionally, AOL Video Search is serving up Olympic footage from Torino and years past.

Back to NBC, besides Google they are also offering Olympics footage on ESPN’s Motion Video featuring a daily two minute highlight reel hosted by Bob Costas on ESPN. The most intense US coverage of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games however is found at

As for more in depth international coverage of the games, I suggest b5media’s, with blog coverage from representatives of various countries. For those of you reading this from outside of the United States, I highly encourage you with links to International Net Video of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino!

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2006 Winter Olympics Highlights on Video Search

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