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2006 Winter Olympics Top Searched Olympians

2006 Winter Olympics Top Searched Olympians

AOL has released a list of its top searched olympians from the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy. The list is compiled of searches on AOL Search since the start of the Torino games.

AOL says that “Even before her injury and withdrawal from what was likely to be her final Olympics, Michelle Kwan was already a favorite among visitors to AOL Search, taking the top spot overall for Olympic athlete searches.”

Other top-searched athletes include Shaun “Flying Tomato” White, Bode Miller and Sasha Cohen.

The Most Searched Olympic Athletes on from Feb. 10 – Feb. 14 are:

1) Michelle Kwan US, Women’s Figure Skating
2) Shaun White US, Men’s Snowboarding
3) Bode Miller US, Men’s Alpine Skiing
4) Sasha Cohen US, Women’s Figure Skating
5) Emily Hughes US, Women’s Figure Skating
6) Apolo Anton Ohno US, Men’s Short Track
7) Chad Hedrick US, Men’s Speed Skating
8) Jeremy Bloom US, Men’s Freestyle Skiing
9) Gretchen Bleiler US, Women’s Snowboarding
10) Allison Baver US, Women’s Short Track
11) Lindsey Kildow US, Women’s Alpine Skiing
12) Johnny Weir US, Men’s Figure Skating
13) Kari Traa Norway, Women’s Freestyle Skiing
14) Zach Lund US, Men’s Skeleton
15) Hannah Teter US, Women’s Snowboarding
16) Kimmie Meissner US, Women’s Figure Skating
17) Danny Kass US, Men’s Snowboarding
18) Anni Friesinger Germany, Women’s Speed Skating
19) Tanith Belbin US, Ice Dancing
20) Joey Cheek US, Men’s Speed Skating

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2006 Winter Olympics Top Searched Olympians

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