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2005 Search Engine Blogs Awards : Blog Search, Search Marketing Blogs

2005 Search Engine Blogs Awards : Blog Search, Search Marketing Blogs

The Search Engine Journal 2005 Search Blog Awards votes have been tallied and I’d like to thank our readers who nominated their favorite search blogs and all of those members of the blogging and search community which voted and ranked your favorite search blogs (blogs about search engines).

I’d also like to thank all of the bloggers who linked to and covered this contest. It was amazing to see the amount of coverage that the Search Blogs Awards received in the blogosphere (and searchosphere) & the top quality bloggers who assisted in spreading word about the competition. It’s quite refreshing to see that in such a cut throat industry as search, advertising, and paid link marketing that there is a transparent level of commeraderie between us search engine bloggers.

Helping to spread the ideas of others and linking to the works of our colleagues are two of the essential building blocks of a strong blog & forum oriented online community, which materializes at conferences and pub meets where we all get a chance to meet and say hello in the flesh. We are all members of a vibrant and cutting edge industry which happens to also be quite entertaining and full of enjoyment, there are not very many people who cherish the work that they do as much as we do, and that being said, I’d like to begin with announcing the first set of awards for News & Blog Search Engine Run Blogs, Search Engine Marketing and Contextual Advertising Blogs, and Search Engine Owned Blogs.

News & Blog Search Engine Run Blogs

The nominees for the News & Blog Search Engine Run Blogs Category are :

Technorati Weblog, Feedster Blog, IceRocket Blog, Blog, Blog Search Engine, Daypop Weblog, BlogDigger Development Blog, and blogpule Newswire.

And the winner is : Technorati Weblog Authored by Dave Sifry, Niall Kennedy, Adam Hertz and Derek Powazek of Technorati. We will be issuing a special award to Sifry & crew to kick off 2006.

Rankings were as follows (ranked on a scale of 1-5):
Technorati Weblog :3.09
Feedster Blog : 2.91
Topix Blog : 2.80
blogpulse Newswire : 2.74
BlogDigger Development Blog : 2.70
Blog Search Engine : 2.69
Daypop Blog : 2.64
IceRocket Blog : 2.58

Search Engine Marketing and Contextual Advertising Blogs

The nominees for the Search Engine Marketing and Contextual Advertising Blogs Category are:

Jen Sense, Traffick, Google AdWords & AdSense Blogs, Did-It Frog Blog, Got Ads, Marketing Vox, AdRants, and Pro Blogger.

And the winner is : JenSense Authored by Jen Star and filled with insider Google AdWords, AdSense & Yahoo Publisher Network information along with interviews and case studies useful for any search engine marketer or web publisher.

Rankings were as follows (ranked on a scale of 1-5):
JenSense : 3.20
Marketing Vox : 2.93
Google AdWords & AdSense blogs : 2.89
Traffick : 2.86
AdRants : 2.73
ProBlogger : 2.73
Did It Blog : 2.53
Got Ads? : 2.53

Search Engine Owned Blogs

The voting for Search Engine Owned and Operated Blogs was fairly neck to neck, with results reflecting the two more popular search engines in the searchosphere, Google and Yahoo. Along with Ask and MSN, the Google and Yahoo blogs have been seen as bridge between each search engine and its users, reporters, bloggers, and advertisers.

And the winner is : Google Blog! The Google Blog beat out the Yahoo Search Blog by a hair in Search Blog voting as it was voted a fan favorite by the search community. Hosted on Blogspot, the Google Blog has acted as a voice for various Google employees ranging from engineers to their chefs. Besides being the most popular search engine in the world’s blog voice, the Google Blog also serves as an unofficial center of the Google Search Blogs which have been launched by various divisions within the Google company.

Rankings were as follows (ranked on a scale of 1-5):
Google Blog : 3.26
Yahoo Search Blog : 3.24
Ask Jeeves Blog : 2.79
MSN Search Weblog : 2.70

Congrats to all of the blogs which were nominated and ranked by our readers. Tomorrow we will be announcing the top Search Engine News Blogs, Search Engine Optimization Blogs, the Matt Cutts & Jeremy Zawodny voting results, and the Community Search Blog Showdown.

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2005 Search Engine Blogs Awards : Blog Search, Search Marketing Blogs

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