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20,000 Sony PSP Videos Available from GUBA Search

20,000 Sony PSP Videos Available from GUBA Search

GUBA, a multimedia search service of Usenet videos, has added the availability of Sony PSP-enabled playback of GUBAs indexed Usenet video content. Now, Guba is offering more than 20,000 videos which are selected from the worlds oldest and largest bulletin board service. GUBA subscribers (via paid subscription) now have the ability to download their preferred content directly onto their choice of mobile video device; the PSP (Playstation Portable) or Apple’s iPod.

In addition to offering videos in PSP or iPod format, GUBA also offers the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds using keywords that match particular interests so when new videos are posted to Usenet matching these user-defined parameters, GUBA automatically uses the indexed keywords of the files description to provide RSS feeds.

GUBA says that one unique aspect of their service is the ability to access multimedia content available on the ‘dark web’, which refers to Usenet and other forms of multimedia content not indexed by the major search engines such as Yahoo, Google or Microsoft.

“GUBA has once again demonstrated why it is the market-leader in providing content to all platforms,” said Thomas McInerney, CEO of GUBA. “Our technical leadership has enabled us to further extend the GUBA experience onto a new platform that has proven to be one of the hottest sources of portable entertainment.”

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20,000 Sony PSP Videos Available from GUBA Search

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