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2 Ways to Instantify Your Firefox Address Bar

With Google Chrome, FireFox smart keywords and multiple addons, searching from the browser address bar has become the common searching experience. But is there any way to give your browser address bar “instant” feel?

Actually, there are two ways. Here are 2 tools to search from FireFox address bar and see instant results as you type:

1. Instant FireFox

Inspired by Google Instant, Instant FireFox borrows that behavior and lets you see Google search results while you are still typing. The tool doesn’t use Google Suggest to auto-complete your query and searches for what you have managed to type in so far.

You can question the point of this tool because it actually adds almost nothing new except for the fact that not you don’t need to click Enter no more but if you give it a try, you’ll be surprised by how quickly it actually works.

2. Cyber Search

CyberSearch is the FireFox addon that helps you supercharge your browser address bar with advanced search capabilities. With it, you will be able to see results pop up while you are typing the search query in the address bar.

All you need to do is to use these shortcuts for different Google services (or create your own shortcuts):

  • gweb (Google web)
  • gblog (Google blog search)
  • gbook (Google books)
  • gimage (Google Images)
  • gloc (Google local)
  • gnews (Google news)
  • gpatent (Google patent)
  • gvid (Google video)
  • bcalc (Bing Instant answer)
  • bweb (Bing web)

Cyber search

Happy searching!

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2 Ways to Instantify Your Firefox Address Bar

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