2 FireFox Addons for Those Addicted to Google Analytics Numbers

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How often do you check your Google Analytics Traffic stats? Daily? Multiple times of the day? If you consider yourself a Google Analytics maniac, try playing with either of the two FireFox addons listed below:

1. Google Analytics Watcher

This addon displays your website traffic stats in your browser’s statusbar (for the current day). Currently it displays the following values:

  • Unique Visitors
  • Visits
  • Pageviews
  • New Visits
  • Bounces

The options window allows to provide or change your Google Analytics login data as well as offers to customize the display template (if you want):

Google Analytics Firefox settings

The right-click options menus allows to quickly switch between the Google Analytics profiles (don’t mistaken for “account”, the plugin supports multiple profiles but only one account):

Google watcher menu

On hover-over you can see some traffic details (like Unique visitors, visits, page views and bounces):

Google Analytics Watcher

2. Google Analytics Monitor

The addon claims to be “multi-account” but I wasn’t able to figure it out how to set up multiple accounts. With only one account the plugin actually worked quite well.

The addon is much more fun to configure: it allows to select the data to display in the status bar. Besides that, it allows to set the date period (stats for today, past week, month, year, etc):

Google Analytics monitor options

It also displays the current profile (along with its stats) in the status bar:

Google Analytics

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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  • Blog SEO – Vincent

    I just love it !!

  • James

    I take a look at my analytics every morning, but I don't understand what benefit you'd get from seeing them all the time like that.

  • Rob Metras

    Thanks Anne for the links. How does one become a guest poster in your project?

  • Marek

    These are awesome! Shame on your for enabling my stats addiction, but these plugins are designed just for me!

  • Mike

    I am guilty of checking google analytics every morning and evening. I am addicted and also curious to know the amount of visitors/traffic I am receiving to determine if the weeks markerting tactics are worthwhile or time to try something different. This tool will put the statistics in front of my face all day. Not sure if that is a good thing yet though.

  • alessio

    Just a little note: Google Analytics Monitor isn't available for MacOSX.

  • WiseStep

    Cool. I liked the Google Analytics Monitor a very useful. Need to try out the first one.

  • invisalign

    Great post,

  • invisalign

    cool, thanks for the info

  • invisalign

    will the addons now also show the click-through data that is now available in the webmaster account?

  • ileane

    Hi Anne, do you know of anything similar for Google Chrome? I'm using Google Analytics more since I'm getting a deeper understanding of the reports and features.

    • annsmarty

      I'll need to look for those for Google Chrome. But in case I find any, I'll be sure to list them on SEJ!

  • SearchReadySeo

    Devil is in the details. Not sure if I would want to see these things in the form of Firefox plug-in. I would probably look at details by logging into Google analytics everymorning.

  • Pakar

    Great post. Thanks for sharing the info.

  • Jacob Kildebogaard

    Maybe great tools, but GA is not a realtime tracking system, and the data delay sometimes differ from one part of the system to another.
    Wouldn´t these tools then give the wrong impression of what actually is happening?

    I would suggest a tool as Woopra to get realtime data, and using Google Analytics to almost every thing else. It is a fantastic tool – but not realtime 🙂

    • miss_zed

      yeah that's a good point to remember – that there is probably a time lag between what's happening right now and what the tool shows…have you tested this Ann?

  • Mike

    Thanks for these plugins and they will save me a lot of time…………Its is easy to check with going again in the google interface……..But i see one or two times and not always as i do not see much benefits going again and again and check your stats

  • iToonyza

    Great post,

  • miss_zed

    yeah that's a good point to remember – that there is probably a time lag between what's happening right now and what the tool shows…have you tested this Ann?