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180Solutions AdWare Pretends to Clean up Act

180Solutions AdWare Pretends to Clean up Act

CNET reports that 180Solutions is making yet another attempt to legitimize their Zango and 180search software. Here are a couple of anti-spyware experts that agree, it’s just another PR ploy.

Ben Edelman, a Harvard Law School student, as well as an adware and spyware researcher states: “No reasonable user would want the extra pop-ups 180solutions delivers, so it has to resort to trickery, rhetoric and sleight of hand to get its software installed.”

“180solutions promises should be viewed with caution, said Alex Eckelberry, president of anti-spyware software maker Sunbelt Software. “Every few months, 180solutions announces a new reform that will supposedly make its installation practices kosher. This has been going on for over a year, and at the end of all previous efforts, we still have examples of unethical installs…”

Read the rest here: Adware maker seeks to thwart rogue installs.

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180Solutions AdWare Pretends to Clean up Act

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