SEJ Wrap-Up: Google Makes Major AdWords Adjustments & Digital Marketing Tips for Millennials

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Meg Cabrera
Meg Cabrera SEJ STAFF
SEJ Wrap-Up: Google Makes Major AdWords Adjustments & Digital Marketing Tips for Millennials

This is the wrap-up of the most popular posts and announcements on SEJ over the previous week. Newsletter subscribers are the first to receive this and other updates.

How Millennials can Master Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Millennials | Search Engine Journal

The Internet is full of advice on how to capture the eyeballs and wallets of the biggest market demographic in the history of the human race. But there’s something missing from this conversation, says VIP contributor Neil Patel.

How should millennials do digital marketing? How should they view their own role in the marketing adventure? Millennials are not merely a marketing demographic. They are marketers, too, says Patel.

How should Millennials view their role and master the craft of digital marketing? Patel answers it with six statements in this week’s top post.

How to Create a Galaxy of Content Through Repurposing

Google Adjust Impact of Ad Rank Formats

google adwords ad formats

Google has done away with the archaic and confusing formula for displaying ad extensions with the introduction of a new policy. With this new policy, the impact of ad formats in the ad rank formula has been changed, and Google is now able to provide an estimate of an ad’s visibility in the search results pages.

Going forward, the visibility of an ad is dependent on ad position and ad formats. This means ads with higher positions will be able to display more ad extensions than ads in lower positions. Ads which do not make the top position will no longer be able to display more ad formats than the than those ads above them.

Learn more about how this change will affect advertisers in this week’s top news post.

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  10. Google’s New Search Card Will Help Track Your Online Orders, by Matt Southern

Ask an SEO

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In this week’s episode of Marketing Nerds, Brent Csutoras is joined by James Loomstein, managing partner at Rogue Marketing, to talk about marketing automation. Together, they dive into the difference between automation and personalization, when automation works and when it might not be the best choice, some automation tools, and more.

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