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14% of “Normal” Americans Think Facebook is the Next Social Network to Shut Down

14% of “Normal” Americans Think Facebook is the Next Social Network to Shut Down

A survey on social network closures finds a notable amount of “normal” Americans think Facebook is next to shut down.

The study, from Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, asks Americans from different backgrounds what they think is the next social media site to shut down operations.

The category of normal Americans includes those who self-reported as working in an industry not related to social media.

Other survey respondents include people who work in digital marketing or social media marketing.

When speaking with Joe Youngblood of WWCD, he said about the results of the study:

“Feels like normal users are telling us just how much they distrust Facebook as a platform versus Instagram and WhatsApp right now.”

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Here are some key takeaways from the survey.

Which social network will shut down next?

Overall, 33.31% of Americans think MySpace will be the next social media site to shut down.

Other responses were:

  • 11.62% said Facebook
  • 6.20% said Tumblr
  • 6.20% said TikTok
  • 6.20% said Tagged
  • 4.65% said
  • 3.10% said Snapchat
  • 3.10% said LinkedIn

As far as normal Americans go, MySpace came out on top with 37.34% saying it will be next to shut down.

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Other responses from normal Americans were:

  • 14.28% said Facebook
  • 7.68% said TikTok
  • 4.40% said Tagged
  • 3.30% said LinkedIn
  • 3.30% said Snapchat
  • 3.30% said Tumblr
  • 2.20% said Viber

A majority of industry folk (23.68%) agree that MySpace is next to go, followed by Tumblr at 13.16%.

The difference in responses when it comes to Tumblr may show how little normal Americans know about its recent content policy changes.

Tumblr has been crippling its own user base as a result of controversial changes to what types of content users are allowed to post.

At this rate, Tumblr is on the path toward being one of the next to go.

I also found it interesting that, across the board, a fair number of people said TikTok would be next to shut down.

TikTok is currently experiencing enormous growth, it was actually downloaded more times than Instagram last year.

If anything, TikTok is poised to dethrone some of the industry leaders.

It will be interesting to look back on the results of this to see how accurate the predictions end up being.


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