12 Basic Link Building Tactics For Beginners : The Ultimate SpiderBait

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There are many ways to build links discussed around the web, there have been articles showing 101 ways to build links, 200 ways, etc.

What most people need is not a HUGE list of link building techniques but only the most valuable techniques/the most simplified techniques. The 5 best styles of links may be found based upon :

  1. High Relevance
  2. High Linkabilty/Viral Content
  3. High Authority
  4. High Traffic
  5. and maybe even High PageRank

Give more than expected and people will link to you from across the web. According to the compilation of EVERY link building technique out there, I have come to conclude the following tactics as the most far reaching and over-arching techniques a webmaster/SEO/SEM can do. Here they are:

  1. Article DistributionDo Article Submissions, possibly even get article submitters to do the article submissions for you — There IS the Article Submitter software, but it is a pain, considering the tediousness of the program…Just build great articles and send them out to the article submission land list (The Article Sites Mster List is a great start)
  2. Blog ComentingThis is the best way to build links, regardless of the nofollow, you will be capable of making friends with the blogs you comment on most. Networking on the web is the way of viral link building.
  • Comment and participate on blogs within your niche
  • Email them, LINK to them, they’ll reciprocate through time.
  • Use social bookmarking and trending sites to discover related topics and expand your groups, forums and blog search further
  • Submit Your Blog & RSS Feed Use the Best Blog/Site Directory And RSS Submission Sites. Another list of sites to submit your Blog feed.
  • List Your Site in Directories Use Directory Submitter, there are also services out there that will submit to 3k+ directories for less than $1,200…Crazy. Or just submit to the main directories including Yahoo, Business.com and BOTW.org : More of these directories are listed in our Web Directories section.
  • “Parasite” Host Sites/Blogs Don’t spam, for that is far too black-hat, just make many blogs on hosts such as Blogger and give respect to your fellow readers.
  • Trending and Tracking to find the latest and Meme-ist stories — Catch and follow the memes in order to build links based upon popular stories (Finding stories off the front page of the Social Bookmarking sites for inspiration is a great idea).
  • Get .Gov links by doing work for the government on a free basis/writing reports for them (i.e. be creative – .Gov SEO Ideas/Reports)
  • Do the same for .edu’s – Drop ads on the student job boards and drop links on internship opportunities (Many other options here – Idea: Pay college students for links on their .edu’s and build links to their personal student sites in order to get GREAT .edu links)
  • Do Reviews on sites such as ePinions, Alexa, Amazon, the WhoIs Wiki, etc.and answer questions on Yahoo Answers. Put in good words and create an authority for yourself
  • PR 3.0 — Do Squidoo lenses on your topic, Start a wiki on Wikia (/start your own wiki), write Wikipedia articles related to your firm, Googlepages, Blogspot, Myspace, WordPress, Typepad blogs and Spaces.Live.com.
  • Buy Links and Request Links — Use Text-Link-Ads, you shouldn’t get in trouble no matter how fearful Google tries to make you feel. Request text link ads and use these templates for writing the proper link requests — I HIGHLY recommend hiring a link builder from India, they are very good at following templates and getting the work done.
  • Forum, Group Postings and Classified Ads — Write relevant and thoughtful posts on the largest forums and groups, do not spam and you will be forever rewarded with thousands+ of links. Post CraigsList, Kijiji and USFreeAds as well as ads on other classified ad sites and build links through them — Craigslist is using nofollow now and your ad will be deleted every 7 days or so, so keep on reposting if you want Craigslist link love.
  • More to come, those are only the beginning ideas. There are so many other ways to build links and tens to hundreds of thousands of webmasters are using those same techniques. Widget creation, Facebook app utilization and other ideas are on their way for link and traffic building.

    Miles Price is the publisher of the iMarketingGuru Search Wiki and President of iCluck SEO Services, a Buffalo, NY based search marketing firm.

    Miles Price

    Miles Price

    Miles Price is the publisher of the iMarketingGuru Search Wiki and President of iCluck SEO Services, a Buffalo, NY based search marketing firm.
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    • Miles – that’s probably the best SEO list I’ve seen this year. Not sure if I should thank you for it – giving all our secrets away! 🙂

    • Great list.So you are still recommend buying text links 🙂

    • Great list.So you are still recommending the buying and selling of text links 🙂

    • I’m glad to see SEJ is prepared to stick their neck out and still recommend TLA. I’ve seen so many people dropping the service like a hot potato ever since the PR fiasco of a couple of weeks back.

      Good on you, guys!

    • TLA, like AdSense, has given bloggers and publishers the revenue they need to build new start ups, networks, get them out of the office, and pay for their kids’ educations.

      TLA has full respect here. PGav is a straight up guy and has built an incredible advertising network that goes well beyond link ads.

    • Good tips, even though some of those are blackhat spam.

    • Great tips. Although I’m not only interested in relevant sites. I find it just as effect to join discussions on non relevant sites to help get related anchor text. I personally think a lot of buzz around relevancy is FUD. If a tactic helps you rank thats all I’m concerned with 🙂

    • In my opinion #1 should be “link bait”. Create some sort of content / tool / application that people will link to without a request. This definitely the best solution of growth. The other thing I disagree is “submitting your site to yahoo dir”. $300 a year, in my opinion way better is investing that $300 in content, article submission or just to buy quality text links on popular niche sites.

    • Miles – I hope this isn’t going off topic…
      Vancouver seo – I agree with you; it’s always struck me that you don’t get much bang for your buck by being in Yahoos Directory.
      Spending the money with TLA gets better results as far as I’m concerned.
      On the directory side what are peoples thoughts on dmoz these days…

    • Agreed, vancouver, link bait is just amazing…

      but the other steps are sometimes overlooked by companies or site owners looking to go after the quick digg, and are blind to basic link building 🙂

    • I see really nothing here that qualifies as spam, as Mark says. It’s all in how resources are used. I may have a gun at home to protect my family. Does that make me a serial killer?
      And this is a really good list.

    • @GIDS
      DMOZ is as corrupt as the Mafia. I hear these days that bribes work good for inclusion.

    • Stephan, two of the methods suggested were using Yahoo! Answers and classified ads like Craiglist/Kijiji. I’ve seen many people try to utilize such sites to promote their sites, and they got banned pretty quickly because it was spam. How else are you supposed to advertise on these sites if you don’t follow the purpose it is created for (like posting an item on craiglist)?

    • Loren – I could almost cry reading your endorsement of TLA. I’m genuinely so pleased to see you take this stance. Everywhere else on the mainstream sites they’re wanting to distance themselves from all things associated with Patrick and the guys.

    • #1 Widgets
      #2 Themes
      #3 Plugins

    • I agree with Andy, especially if your niche is not “computer” related, it’s much easier to stand out :).

    • Really a nice post. RSS Feed submission is a good means of promoting your site and energize IBL strength. Apart from those RSS feed submission site list, another good one is:

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    • A good comprehensive list. If such list goes out too often and users gets seo savvy, then all seo like us will soon be out of job :p

    • A good comprehensive list. If such list goes out too often and users become seo savvy, then all seo like us will soon be out of job :p

    • Thank you so much! As for the commenters worrying that SEO experts will be out of a job — no worries. Most of us mere businesspeople can’t even read this stuff. I am just unusually persistent.

    • I think linkbuilding is critical. My personal challenge – as a part time blogger – is to prioritize linkbuilding along with everything else! Please check us out at http://epaper.hubspot.com

    • Great list. Thanks!

    • Hey,

      Thats a pretty list indeed. Requires hard work and patience


    • Suddenly a question popped up in my mind: if I submit a good article in 100 article directories, will it do any harm to my site? Will do any good either?

    • Here is another link building idea:

      Pay a talented web designer to a beautiful web site, real eye candy stuff, and build it all in CSS.

      Then go ahead and enter your site in the numerous CSS design award sites.

      Great post.

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    • not all ways above naturall, is safe for our website? cause some search engine having strict regularity

    • Wow Miles that was amazing reading. I just googled you and found your website icluck.com, you offer a great services ill be waiting for your email to set up our meeting soon.

    • nice post. i wanted to do link building for my site and it did not know where to start

    • i have tried some of them and they work very well they are very effective. thanks for these one im going to try some of your tips havent tried those others yet

    • useful tips to make link building, i will try this and make use of it.

    • Great! thanks.

    • for blogs:

      give people what they want and do it consistently.

    • Thanks!It helped me a lot!

    • Niche… Thanks

    • You made my work a lot easier. Thanks.


    • Thanks for this wonderful post, since i’m new to seo, this post helps to me get a better idea about Link Building Tactics. Please Continue to provide these kind of articles to the users consistently.

    • Hello Miles, I too found your site at icluck.com and liked your services listing. I will be requesting more info and hope to start soon. I think this list was spot on as well as most everything on your website. You provide a good service for people looking for SEO and I thank you for your efforts. I find them useful for my sites. You ROCK!

    • Great list of tactics.. Moreover, you can do social media marketing. These social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) play significant roles in link building as these social sites will be used to promote and share content amongst friends and you can even make your customers know more about your product.

    • nice! thanks huh? c:

    • Thanks, great information

    • Thanks, great information

    • This was a nice list back in 2007 but in 2012, unfortunately, with the recent algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin, many of these techniques will get your site penalized so readers beware!

    • Which ones David?

    • @Cullen Adams: Pretty much all of them will get your site penalised now (in 2012) if you are caught doing it. Do a search on “Panda” and “Penguin” algorithm updates. This article could really get you into trouble! Funny thing is that it appeared on page 1 of Google. Anyone want to talk about quality of the SERPs lately?

    • I also did the keyword research and select appropriate keywords to use for my site. Thanks I love this posts!

    • @David Cameron. We are both guilty of Number 2 right now. I dont believe all of these techniques will get your site penalized. It is true web spam and participating in link buying schemes should be avoided or used cautious but still believe many of these techniques on the list are harmless.

    • Thank you for great tips! I always heard about the importance of link building but never really knew how to approach that aspect of the SEO. Thanks for providing me with a direction and a starting point.