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11 Ways to Increase Online Conversions

Sure, SEO, Social Media Optimization and Paid Search Marketing can drive hordes of highly targeted traffic to your web site.

But is your site’s structure, lack of usability and negative user experience blocking conversions and sales?

ConvertUp (a very clean site) has posted their 11 Quick and Dirty Ways to Increase Conversions

One recommendation, which is completely obvious but still practiced by many small market merchants, is to remove ads from sites or pages which are set up to sell a product:

If you’re trying to get people to buy a product or a service and you’re running Adsense or another ad system on your site you may be making a big mistake. These ads provide exit points for your traffic (and potential customers). Keep your customers focused on the task at hand. If they leave the site through an ad, “Great you made $.25,” but just don’t assume that person will hit the back button or ever return to your site. You may have just lost yourself a sale.

Not to mention, ads look extremely unprofessional on e-commerce sites. They are fine for blogs with no other means of monetization, but if you’re selling something do yourself a favor and leave the ads off.

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11 Ways to Increase Online Conversions

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