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Google Now Displays Links to Google Profiles

Recently, Google has started including link to individual Google profiles when  users search for their names. Whereas before, Google search would only display 10 of  the most relevant links  to a name on the first page of the search results, now an 11th link has been added, pointing to the name’s Google profile. But for this 11th link to appear on the first page of the search results for your name, you have to modify your Google Profile first. Or if you haven’t created a Google profile yet, now might be the right time to create one for yourself.

Why would you bother creating a Google profile? Well, because it’s the only results that would always appear on the first page of the search results for your name. In addition, Google is giving you full control of how and what personal information you would want to be displayed next to your name. 

So, the more information you enter on your Google profile, the better your prominence in Google search would be. This is especially so  if you have a popular name sake. Unless of course your namesake has also created his/her Google profile. 

Interestingly this feature would seem to work best for users and for Google’s Profile service. For one thing, more users would be encourage to create and update their profile with the hope of having a good online presence as reflected on Google Search. For Google Profiles, this would boost the service and could pave the way for a more comprehensive social media tool that Google maybe preparing for a long time now. 

In a related note, if you try searching for your name and found the 11th link, below it are quick links to your MySpace, Facebook, Linked In and Classmates profile pages.

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Google Now Displays Links to Google Profiles

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