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10 Reasons Why Digg Could Bury Google and Suggested Improvements

Todd Malicoat has jotted down his thoughts on why Digg is the new Google and why Digg is attracting the ‘geek mindshare’ that Google did so well pre-2001, when it went beyond grassroots marketing and was slingshot by the great Yahoo! partnership which won over the commonfolk.

* They just need an index – Y and G have both taught us it’s about quality and not quantity

* Effective, scalable spam solutions (community moderation)

* Strong ontology + decentralized user based quality control + (even a decent) index of pages + advanced search tools = kick ass search engine.

* Digg *is* webmaster central

And how does Todd think Digg can better itself?

* Weight users votes with topical expertise

* Attract more celebrities and mainstream mindshare (the Yahoo Social Media route)

* Hire the equivalent of netscape anchors – but use a more creative pay model than starving wages for full time work.

* Get your blog off blogspot – and never do anything like that again

Hire the equivalent of netscape anchors“? Sounds like Todd actually was paying attention to Calacanis at SES Chicago!

Great stuff from StuntDubl, go on over and give Todd a Digg 🙂

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10 Reasons Why Digg Could Bury Google and Suggested Improvements

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