10 Reasons to Subscribe to Eric Ward’s “LinkMoses Private”

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Link MosesThere are not many link building resources and experts I really trust and can recommend. Eric Ward is one of those few people I have been following for as long as I am involved in SEO.

I have been subscribed to Eric’s “LinkMoses Private” and I can hardly recommend it highly enough.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Eric’s list, not have I been compensated for this review. I just blog what I love and believe in.

The Goal

The ultimate goal of LinkMoses Private is to help you improve and sculpt a more effective inbound link profile. This involves recognizing the wide variety of linking opportunities that are available to you, if you know where to look and how to pursue them. While links can help your search rank, not all links are about search rank, and some of the most important links of all have nothing to do with Google. LinkMoses Private is not about fooling Google.

1. Eric Ward is one of the most experienced link building veterans. He has been involved in online marketing since 1993. He is definitely the person who knows his stuff.

2. The newsletter contains the actual case studies and examples of how other companies build links.

3. The newsletter contains the real GOLD “Link Opportunity Alerts” with links and tips for you to hunt that opportunity.

4. You’ll get the highest-quality article selection on how to build links from the industry experts.

5. You’ll get the list of the best generic and niche-specific link sources you can give a try to (like startup review blogs, high-quality link and resource pages, etc)

6. You’ll get first-hand and reliable opinion and specific advice on the most questionable link building topics (like paid links, Google policies, etc)

7. You’ll discover some of the most useful link building tools together with valuable tips on how to use them link-building-wise;

8. You’ll get some useful and actionable advice from outside industry experts;

9. You’ll go through most important link building news with detailed explanation of what it means to the link building industry

10. You’ll get all of that for as little as $8 a month.

Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project, MyBlogGuest.com.
Ann Smarty
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  • http://www.freelancelinkbuilder.co.uk Tom

    Thanks for the heads up Ann, an $8 a month subscription seems very reasonable.

  • http://1-800-Bakery.com Stephen pazyra

    Hi Ann, I agree with you. Eric’s LinkMoses is very helpful. He talks in language you can understand and is so down to earth and also Eric has some fun as he writes and teachs us about Link Building. The best $8.00 a month I have ever spent.
    ~ Chef Steve

  • http://www.Uberseo.net Paul

    I have just signed up, looks very interesting. I have heard of this guy in the past and he has a good reputation. Look forward to the first news letter, thanks 🙂

  • http://www.ericward.com/ Eric Ward

    Thank you for the kind words Ann! LinkMoses Private does have open memberships right now, but has a membership cap and once membership is closed, I don’t take new subscribers until someone unsubscribes. This helps keep the content as effective as possible for the existing members. I also send out Link Opportunity Alerts for multiple verticals , countries, and formats to keep things calmer. I learned this the hard way many years ago with my old LinkAlert service, when hundreds of people would converge on the same link opportunity the moment I sent it out. Imagine being an editor looking for a handful of great sites in a specific topic and getting 247 emails one day. 🙂 By capping the membership and varying the linking strategies and subjects, all members will benefit in the long run. Thanks again!

    Eric Ward
    Editor, LinkMoses Private

    • http://www.Uberseo.net Paul

      Great to see you here taking an active role in this discussion Eric, just goes to show just how good you are and proves its not just some automated mailing list like so many others nowadays your offering us. I look forward to being a subscriber for a long time to come.

    • Pat

      Hi Eric, I have just tried to sign up for your emails but it doesn’t tell you how the payments are taken. It simply says $8 a month. Does it just take this amount every month or does it take, say, 12 months worth of payments? Are they payments taken automatically each month?

  • http://www.Uberseo.net Paul

    I was lucky enough to sign up 🙂 The welcome email is huge and full of great tips, I can see this being very beneficial to me thanks again 🙂

  • http://www.nobsseo.com NoBS SEO

    Thank you for the advice. For $8 per month it is a no brainer. I’m based in Sydney Australia and I hope Eric’s strategies apply downunder.

  • DarrenHaye

    You know I think he has undersold it, $8 is too little, so little it feels like the information wont be worth anything.. by selling subscriptions for a more premium price it would seem like more of a must have.. if that makes sense.

  • http://www.ericward.com Eric Ward

    Darren – when I was trying to decide what to charge for LinkMoses Private, I felt that by pricing it lower I could reach more people who might not give it a try at a higher price. Also, because my family life (three very young kids) dictates a irregular publishing schedule, I feared if I charged too much and then didn’t publish an issue for two weeks, people would unsubscribe.

    I do agree that for some, the $8 monthly price may make them question the quality of LinkMoses Private, but those folks need only check out a few of the positive reviews to see that it’s quite legit. And at $8, it doesn’t exactly break them to check it out for a couple months and see for themselves.

    One day I’m sure I’ll raise the price, but for now, $8 feels right to me, and after 115 issues and 300+ Link Opportunity Alerts, my stats show that of those who stayed subscribed for two months, 80% remain subscribed one year later. This means to me that I have two primary types of subscribers, those who kick the tires for $8 hoping I’ll give them a secret tip that makes them rank #1 (sorry, there is no such thing), and those who are looking for strategic linking related tactics that well help them thrive over the long haul, as I have.

    I hope anyone who thinks $8 means it’s too cheap will try it. You will be quite surprised.

    Eric aka LinkMoses

    • Pat

      I have no problem with the $8, but I still haven’t had my question answered. There is nothing to tell you whether $8 is taken, or a whole year’s subscrption is taken????

  • http://www.ericward.com Eric Ward

    Sorry Pat – the $8 is charged monthly. Subscribers may cancel any time.


    • Pat

      Many thanks


  • http://www.adamsonslaw.co.uk Imran Rashid

    Do you have some law specific links as well or some information specific to legal sector, then it will be worth subscribing to.