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Let’s face it, almost everyone’s using WordPress nowadays. And despite the hundreds of plug-ins posts with “must have” SEO plug-ins, the most fundamental functionality plug-ins are often left unnoticed, even though site functionality is a critical component to the SEO mix. Let’s explore some of the most important functionality plug-ins for WordPress and how they can benefit your WordPress powered blog or site.

1. Wp Super Cache – Plain and simple, this is the best caching plug-in available. Featuring a “half on” legacy mode as well as a full caching mode, this plug-in gives you flexible options for different server configurations.

2. WP CSS – This nifty plug-in compresses your style sheets with Gzip, making the file smaller and faster loading. The plug-in also allows you to use custom style sheets on a per post basis.

3. Yoast Breadcrumbs – Breadcrumbs are great because they help users and bots easily navigate throughout the site. Since easily navigated websites are highly favored by bots and people, this plug-in is a good one to have.


4. Wp Page Navi – It may seem like a simple change, but the paginated navigation is better for SEO and better for the user. Get rid of that boring “older posts” button and replace it with a sexy paginated navigation.

5. WP-DB-Backup – Create frequent database backups for your blog. Databases contain all of your posts, pages, comments and settings, so if your site ever goes down a single DB backup can be a life saver.

6. Optimize DB – Modifying SQL isn’t for everyone, but now you can optimize your WordPress database with a single click. This plug-in will essentially de-fragment your database, creating a smaller and faster database.

7. WordPress Automatic Upgrade – Especially for the serious blogger, an update is a big deal. There is a lot that can go wrong during an update, so much so a lot of people do not update and leave gaping security holes open. Ditch the built in upgrade tool and switch to WordPress Automatic Upgrade, you won’t lose a beat.

8. Wp Security Scan – Easily identify and fix security holes with WP Security Scan. Your blog will be on lock down from now on with this plug-in.

9. Wp Offload – Save bandwidth and speed up your account with the Steady Offload plugin.

10. Smart Update Pinger – A large drawback to WordPress is that pings are sent when updating posts, which cause duplicate pings and raises spam flags. Fix that problem and ping like a champ with the Smart Update Pinger.
(although development has ceased on this plug-in, it works for now)

Honorable Mention

Akismet – Although everyone has it these days (since it comes with WordPress), it is by far the best way to control spam. As a test, leave Akismet off for a month or two and see how much spam you accumulate.

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William Atkin is an SEO Analyst at Search & Social. Atkin, who describes himself as passionate about organic SEO, has a breadth of knowledge in website conversion, ecommerce, branding and user behavior from his experience as an internet business owner.

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Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
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  • Thanks for digging these up and putting them into one simple list. Very useful!

    We have been running our own script to auto-update our WordPress blogs, but this plug-in looks like something I am definitely going to have to check out now as another option.

  • Fantastic list, there were a couple I didn’t have. However I would never recomend the automatic upgrade plugin. Just imagine, if you have made any changes to something like wp-includes your changes will not be replicated after the upgrade, so this is something you need to be aware of.

    • For most users this plug-in will work flawlessly. Advanced users may be editing WordPress core files in wp-includes or wp-admin but usually these files are completely replcable. Also this plugin will create backups for you, so for the rare user that does experience a problem, restoring the blog should be simple.

  • Good shouts. I’m a big fan of related posts as well. Can lowers bounce rates considerably!

  • Great Post! Def a helpful list. Thanks for doing the leg work.

    Combine your list with this list of security plugins and you have a great list of plugins every new WP install should have: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/18-useful-plugins-and-hacks-to-protect-your-wordpress-blog/

  • Good list, glad to find a new one! will check out Yoast.

    I, too, am bummed Smart Update Pinger is out of development- I still add it to every site…

  • Why would people need a WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin when its part of WordPress core as of now? There is no need of WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin. Please remove it from your list.

    • Navjot, the Automatic Upgrade plug-in is superior to the default WordPress upgrade for several reasons, as mentioned above. The main reason is the ability to create site backups.

  • See also the antivirus plugin http://wpantivirus.com for more blog security.

  • Great post, together with the plugins for SEO post an unmissable plugin collection

  • wUza

    great post very useful for new beginners for wordpress.

  • Wp Super Cache, how did my blog. Please Help.

  • Good set. Thanks. I definitely will use some.

  • Great list – I’m running many of these already, will check out the others. I’m a HUGE fan of the All In One SEO Pack, it worth looking at as well,

  • useful post .. thanX 🙂 ♥

  • jorge

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  • Very nice thanks number one xD