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10 Deadly Online Marketing Mistakes

I love authoritative titles…

These are the most horrendous 10 online mistakes you can make. Ever. And they’ll probably ruin your entire business.

I created a totally free video series about this- 10 videos, about 30 minutes of free info-tainment. That’s right, information and entertainment.

And if you’re an expert in PPC, SEO, Social media, and social media monitoring this isn’t for you. This is an overview for people who either have only one expertise, or are new to online marketing. Still, you may find a gem or two in the series even if you are an expert.

The 10 Deadly Online Marketing Mistakes

  1. Ignoring The 5 Steps of Optimization
  2. Not Learning & Adapting
  3. Not Using Analytics
  4. Putting the Cart Before The Horse
  5. Going After The Wrong Keywords
  6. Using The Wrong Strategies
  7. Not Combining Tactics Strategically
  8. Thinking Great Content Is Enough
  9. Not Testing & Improving
  10. Not Leveraging Your Productivity

But for this blog post, I’m going to give you some more details, because I believe in giving value everywhere- I’m not just going to tease you here and waste your time. So here’s the 30,000 foot view of a few of the tips:

Ignoring The 5 Steps of Optimization

Without a clear goal, you’re going nowhere.

Not Learning & Adapting

Last year’s best  techniques aren’t a competitive advantage this year.

Not Using Analytics

With a tool like Enquisite you can iteratively improve in a simple, manageable, efficient way.

Putting the Cart Before The Horse

Your potential is limited even if you just bought a domain name before doing keyword research.

Going After The Wrong Keywords

You need sweet-spot, relevant keywords.

Using The Wrong Strategies

PPC, Social Media, Email, and SEO should be prescribed based on the business’s state, resources, and goals.

Not Combining Tactics Strategically

If you’re not leverage PPC toward conversion optimization, or Social toward SEO, you’re missing out.

Thinking Great Content Is Enough

There are two other keys to success.

Not Testing & Improving

There are lots of extra processes that increase ROI.

Not Leveraging Your Productivity

This helps all your work get 3-5 times the results.

But that doesn’t nearly capture the value, results, and fun you’ll get from the video series. Check it out here.

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10 Deadly Online Marketing Mistakes

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