YouTube Will Now Monetize Its Premium Content

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Up until this moment, youtube users have only ever had one way to make money, and that was through Adsense. As many of you may already know, YouTube plans to be somewhat of the next TV. Reason being is that individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 watch more content on YouTube than they do on the regular TV networks.

Rumors have gone around about the company adding a paid subscription model for quite some time.

Today they are rolling it out to approximately 50 of its most premium channels. This will allow those channels the ability to create an additional source of revenue. Sources are saying that the subscription costs can start as low as $1.99 a month.

Surely YouTube will expand this concept further. Some are saying that it may add an ‘À la carte’ and pay per view option.

Won’t that be exciting? 🙂




Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan is a PPC expert, entrepreneur, blogger, and amiable guy. In his spare time, you can find him updating his own blog.
Adam Morgan
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  • Christian

    I am not surprised they went in this direction.

    The question is will users accept this or even the concept?

    Many casual YouTube users have no idea what the difference is between Premium and Non-Premium YouTube content. All they do know is that so far everything has been “free” (or at least understood to be Ad financed).

    On the one hand people pay for TV (cable etc), but the question is has the line blurred enough so that people will pay for this type of content on a device that may or may not be from a known national outlet (NBC, HBO etc)

    Will anyone pay for access to the “Nerdist?”.

    It worked for Hulu w/ Hulu Plus, but I think the perception of YouTube and Hulu in terms of what they do has always been a bit different.

    This bears watching.


  • Nick

    This is one of those things that you really can’t be mad about haha….everyone’s gotta make a living.

  • Opace

    This will only apply to a few channels and if anyone dislikes the idea they can simply find another channel.

    A lot of people are talking about boycotting YouTube which is just illogical.

  • Charles

    I am upset about YouTube’s take on this, as if they don’t make enough money as it is. With the amount of advertisements they feature all over their website, they are rolling in a steep fortune.

    I encourage more users to start using external YouTube partners to earn their own cash, for example I use Tube Launch, which pays their affiliates to upload product videos. It’s much easier than the adsense nonsense, and is done without YouTube knowing so they can’t get involved and try to take more money off these users.

  • Andy Kinsey – Redstar

    if they want some amazing content then subscriptions is the way to go, it means channel owners can invest in content and not just rely on the sloppy pickups of adsense. finally a real way to make money on youtube should be the headline not “oh no, free service disappears” as i’ev seen around