YouTube Mobile Now Serving Banner Ads

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With the ever growing site traffic of  of  YouTube mobile site, it is not surprising that  Google will take advantage of this to serve advertisements.  In 2009, YouTube mobile’s site traffic increased by 160%. You can just imagine how good this site traffic will be in terms of potential for more ad clicks and brand campaign awareness.

So, YouTube has started serving ads, particularly banner ads on its mobile site’s home, search and browse pages. This is being rolled out to American and Japanese YouTube mobile websites, that is – on your mobile phone’s browser.

According to Google, this is a great way for advertisers to reach YouTube viewers across multiple platforms. But for us users, this could become pretty annoying and additional data costs if we’re not on an unlimited mobile data plan. It’s a good thing if there’s always free Wi-Fi around.

But then, who are we to complain, right? After all, YouTube videos are free to consume. So, expect more banner ads from the likes of Sony, Kia and the others the next time you browse for the latest sensation on YouTube video. Hopefully, the ads won’t annoy you enough to look for an alternative mobile video site.

If you’re a brand campaign manager, you ought to know that those banner ad spots are sold on a full-day basis. You can extend your ad campaign run from the YouTube website to the mobile site. To know how you can go about this, visit this site.


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