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YouTube Makes Some Members Content Partners

Finally, in recognition of selected popular members’ contribution to its growing video content, YouTube is elevating the status of selected users to Partners. If you are an avid YouTube user, you might be familiar with members such as, LisaNova, renetto, HappySlip, smosh, and valsartdiary. Well, they are the chosen YouTube members who will be given the rights to participate in YouTube’s revenue sharing and promotional activities.

The official YouTube Blog has this to say regarding the members’ new privileges:

Participating user-partners will be treated as other content partners and will have the ability to control the monetization of the videos they create. Once they’ve selected a video to be monetized, we’ll place advertising adjacent to their content so participating user-partners can reap the rewards from their work.

How much these members will earn from the ad revenue sharing program depends on the traffic that they create from the videos they download.

I think this is not related with Adsense, because if it does, YouTube might as well share Adsense revenues to other members as well. Or is this a prelude to such events happening in the future. That we will have to see.

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YouTube Makes Some Members Content Partners

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