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5 Powerful New Features to Leverage in YouTube Analytics [INFOGRAPHIC]

YouTube Analytics Infographic

Yesterday, YouTube replaced Insight with the brand new YouTube Analytics. The new analytics tool, which is more robust than YouTube Insight, will provide detailed data regarding the audience and how that audience interacts with the video.

The YouTube product manager, Ted Hamilton, said the following in a blog post:

“One of the great joys of a global platform is finding out that people from afar can relate, connect and appreciate your videos.”

At a minimum, publishers should pay attention to the following 5 new features:

Quick Overview – The overview section provides publishers with a high-level summary of important reports. In addition, if additional information is needed, it is easy to access specific reports by clicking on the title of a widget.

More Detailed Reports – YouTube Analytics now allows users to filter reports by content, geography, or dates (predetermined or custom) to better understand the impact of a video on an audience. In addition, reporting now features an interactive map to display geographic distribution and there are new download options.

Audience Builders – The audience builder data will help publishers determine the videos that result in subscriptions and the type of video that garners the most views.

Audience Retention – Audience retention, which was known as Hot Spots in YouTube Insight, measures a video’s ability to retain an audience. The two primary metrics used to measure retention are absolute audience retention (how long users view your video and how they interact) and relative audience retention (how your video performs on YouTube compared to other similar length videos).

Traffic Sources Report — This report, which YouTube Insight called Discovery, provides data on how viewers found a video. For example, this report will provide information on how many views originated from YouTube search, Suggested Video thumbnails, Facebook, and Twitter.

YouTube Analytics Infographic

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5 Powerful New Features to Leverage in YouTube Analytics [INFOGRAPHIC]

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