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YouTube To Launch New App Specifically For Content Creators

YouTube To Launch New App Specifically For Content Creators

If you create videos as part of your content marketing strategy, you’ll be happy to know that YouTube is about to launch a new app just for you.

In an announcement made on the Official YouTube Partners & Creators Blog today, YouTube unveiled their first Creator Preview video which is a run-down of new features they’re working on.

Among the new features is a brand new mobile app that gives video makers easy access to YouTube’s creator features. The new app is designed to give creators the ability to manage their channel on the go.

Among the new set of features is the introduction of a monetization method where fans can contribute funds directly to their favorite video makers.

YouTube would like to see its content creators earn more money directly from YouTube, rather than having to rely of off-site methods such as selling merchandise.Other new monetization methods include the ability to share revenue with musicians when making cover songs or mashups.

Also in the works is something YouTube calls the Creator Academy, which is a collection of support articles to help users get more out of YouTube.

Finally, YouTube is working on a community captions project which, which allows users to caption content so it’s more accessible to people all over the world

For more information about all of these new features from YouTube, please see the video below:

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