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YouTube is Removing Channels From its Partner Program for Content Duplication

YouTube is Removing Channels From its Partner Program for Content Duplication

YouTube is removing channels from its partner program for duplication, which means the channels can no longer monetize their content.

Channels can be removed from YouTube’s partner program for violating any of its policies, but the one area that has had people asking questions lately is duplication.

In an effort to clear up any confusion, a company representative started a thread on the YouTube Help forum to explain what it means to be removed from the partner program for duplication.

What does YouTube consider duplicate content?

Duplicate content isn’t limited to violating copyright.

According to YouTube’s partner program policies, channels are only allowed to monetize their content when it adds value and is original and relevant.

In some cases, the partner program may allow channels to repurpose content from other sources.

Channels can still monetize repurposed content if they add significant original commentary, educational value, narrative, or high-quality editing.

Even if a channel obtains commercial use rights to use other channels’ content, it still will not qualify for the YouTube partner program unless it meets the above criteria.

Examples of content that can be removed for duplication

YouTube may remove content for duplication if:

  • It appears to be automatically generated
  • It is pulled from third-party sources with nothing original added
  • It is uploaded elsewhere and the channel in question is not the original uploader
  • It has been uploaded in such a way that it’s trying to get around YouTube’s copyright detection tools

What to do if your channel was removed for duplication

Channels that have been removed from the partner program for duplication are given the opportunity to remove or update their content to comply with YouTube’s policies.

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Once the problematic content has either been updated or removed, channels can reapply for the YouTube partner program in 30 days.

YouTube will then review the application and decide whether to reinstate the channel or not.


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