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YouTube Extends Video Monetization Program To Other Users, Selectively

YouTube is extending its YouTube Partnership Program to other regular provided that their videos gone viral and have received considerable page views. YPP which was made available selectively to the more popular YouTube users who upload viral videos on YouTube regularly, provides video owners an opportunity to earn from their videos through AdSense.


This means that if user has uploaded one video to YouTube, that user may get the chance to earn from the video if it accumulates lots of views.  YouTube may invite the user to monetize the video provided that the video has passed certain criteria including the video’s virality, number of views and of course compliance with YouTube’s ToS.

The roll out of YPP to users will still be selective and not free-for-all opt in feature like the usual AdSense program. It is so selective that a users still have  to wait for an email from YouTube inviting them to “Enable Revenue Sharing.” User may also see this message on their watch video page.

What is not really clear is how many views should a video has for it to be eligible in the YPP?

The YPP is available only for YouTube users in the U.S.

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YouTube Extends Video Monetization Program To Other Users, Selectively

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