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#YouTube Expands Niche Channel Lineup

#YouTube Expands Niche Channel Lineup

YouTube Announces Deal for New Channels

In your mind which is more valuable, content or distribution?”  This was the question posed by YouTube’s Vice President and Global Head of Content, Robert Kyncl, as he opened the Media Mastermind Keynote at the MIPCOM conference in Cannes, France on Monday.  As his address unfolded, he demonstrated that you may produce some of the best loved content in history, but it’s distribution that owns the audience.

For decades, the access to distribution has been limited to the media companies with the deepest pockets. YouTube changed all of that. YouTube opened the distribution doors to anyone who wanted to take the time to create and post his or her content.

Along with Mr. Kyncl’s keynote address, YouTube announced that 40 new professionally produced channels would be coming online.  YouTube continues to redefine the consumption of video content.

According to

The new offerings include “The Jamie Oliver Food Channel,” from England, German auto channel Motorvision and “city magazine” Rendezvous a Paris from France. New U.S. offerings include health-food channel Super Foods, The Creators Project from Vice and Above Average Productions, featuring short comedy clips by writers from “Saturday Night Live,” “30 Rock,” the Lonely Island comedy troupe and elsewhere.

Robert Kyncl posted in the YouTube Blog:

  • Our top 25 original channels are now averaging over a million views every week
  • 800 million of you are watching 4 billion hours every month, that’s up from 3 billion hours earlier this year
  • The number of people subscribing has doubled y/y
  • And partners this year are reaching the 100k subscriber mark 5x faster than they were just two years ago

Back to the Media Mastermind Keynote, Mr. Kyncl also noted that with YouTube’s skippable ads, they are currently bringing in as much ad revenue per hour in the United States as cable television advertising. The combination of professional quality content, niche focused audiences, and paying only for ads that have actually been viewed has attracted the advertising dollars of major global brands.

Whether you’re a content producer or an advertiser, YouTube is shifting the rules of distribution in your favor.

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#YouTube Expands Niche Channel Lineup

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