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YouTube Analytics: Measuring the Value of Your Video

For the past several years, rich content has been on the rise, and Google subsidiary, YouTube, has remained the undisputed leader of online video sharing. Currently, the site controls approximately 43 percent of the Internet video market. Additionally, in universal search results, YouTube uploads account for more than 50 percent of all rich content that appears in video packs, which is more than Vimeo and DailyMotion combined.

The popularity of YouTube is not waning, either.

The site is consistently the third most visited on the Web (following only Facebook and its own parent, Google) and receives more than 14 billion video views per month. In terms of visibility, YouTube provides a platform for businesses and individuals to showcase their offerings on a worldwide scale, and this has made the brand an ideal option for many online marketers. However, the overall size and scope of YouTube has made video SEO a necessary strategy for developers and marketers of rich content.

As with traditional search engine optimization, determining the success and ROI of a video SEO requires assistance from analytical tools.

Enter YouTube Analytics.

At first glance, YouTube’s proprietary analytics tool appears to be (not surprisingly) somewhat similar to Google’s. In fact, they are quite similar as far as functionality is concerned. There are significant differences, though. YouTube Analytics is designed specifically for video content within a channel. Views, demographics, playback locations, and traffic source statistics are readily available and detailed breakdowns of that data are accessible, as well.

Although each of these data streams are valuable to SEOs when designing and revising campaigns, perhaps the most powerful resource within YouTube Analytics is the audience retention analyzer. This tool does not only display the bounce rate of videos, but also features a timeline graph that allows users to see which point in the video that viewers leave the page on which it is embedded. For rich content developers, understanding the bounce rate of their videos can reduce production expenses and aid in the development process of future content.

YouTube Analytics is the most advanced proprietary analytical resource available for rich content and is still expected to undergo further development. As the role of video in Internet marketing increases, the value of a comprehensive analytics tool for rich content will become even more evident, and building effective video SEO campaigns will become a less daunting task for marketers and developers.

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YouTube Analytics: Measuring the Value of Your Video

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