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You’re Invited: Soft Launch of Distilled’s Video Marketing Guide

There are over 169.3 million people who watch Internet videos regularly, and YouTube is now the second largest online search engine. People love video, and it’s crucial to take advantage of that if you’re in marketing, business, or blogging.

We’re a big believer that every business can leverage video—it only seems daunting. To break it down, Distilled created a video marketing guide, which we’re giving SEJ readers early access to. We created our guide to be a downloadable PDF, so it’s easily accessed and easily saved for future reference. Just click on the embed below to get early access.

Why You Should Use Video

Using video will establish your personality, style, and voice as a blogger, business, or marketing campaign much more thoroughly and quickly than will text. If your content depends on your personality or style, you need to consider using video, so your viewers can connect with you on a more personal level.

Using video on your website or blog is also going to help you attract mobile device users, because video is much easier to view on a phone or tablet than text. The average tablet owner has seven mobile devices, which means, you need to make sure that you’re meeting your readers where they are by giving them content they can view.

Video allows for a simulated face-to-face experience, which is great for branding. By using video, companies can present a personable and sincere side to their business, which creates trust and loyalty in viewers. With this information in mind, you can understand why using marketing video is incredibly beneficial.

Click on the downloadable PDF below, and check out Distilled’s website for more resources and information.

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You’re Invited: Soft Launch of Distilled’s Video Marketing Guide

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