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Yahoo’s Meedio Purchase & Yahoo! Broadcast Scenario

Yahoo’s Meedio Purchase & Yahoo! Broadcast Scenario

On Monday Yahoo acquired “most of” Meedio’s technology and all of its staff (looks like about 5 guys?).

The technology encompasses: “Software that turns PCs into DVRs (digital video recorders) and digital media organizers and links them with television sets” (PCWorld)

“Meedio TV, which “lets you watch, pause, rewind, and record live analog, digital, and HDTV broadcasts using your existing PC. Use the integrated Electronic Program Guide to find your favorite shows, and Meedio’s powerful media library to archive and organize your recordings.” (SiliconBeat)

There’s speculation that “Yahoo will ultimately leverage the Meedio platform to interface with their music services and perhaps offer movie downloads.” (Zatz Not Funny)

How should Yahoo wrap up Yahoo Go, the Digital Home and it’s Social Media efforts?

With some serious calendar, Yahoo Go and Yahoo 360 integration.

Here’s a Yahoo broadcast scenario:

• I get notifications of cool videos from the media feeds I’m subscribed to, and, more importantly, my social network (family + friends… as soon as they migrate from MySpace to 360 ;).

• I record regular broadcast shows (blech no I don’t but this is a scenario).

• Everything goes into my library, from which I can queue and/or sort videos on my calendar for “movie” night (scheduled with friends and family) or access with my mobile device when I’m stuck in airports with access to Yahoo’s free WiFi.

• Advertisers pay for the media through ads targeted to the videos I’m watching.

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Yahoo’s Meedio Purchase & Yahoo! Broadcast Scenario

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