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Yahoo & Zillow Partner for Home Estimate Search

Yahoo & Zillow Partner for Home Estimate Search

Zillow and Yahoo have teamed for real estate estimate search as Zillow Zestimates are showing up as a shortcut in Yahoo search results. In addition to the search shortcuts, Zillow is also be featured in Yahoo’s real estate section for finding the value of a home.

From the Yahoo Search Blog:

We also made it very easy to get your estimated home valuation: just go to Yahoo! Search and search for ‘home values’. You can then refine your search with a Yahoo! Shortcut by entering any street address and city/state or ZIP to get the estimated value on Yahoo! Real Estate.

The home values page includes a map with your searched home, along with 10 comparables, and has a table showing each home’s Zestimate (estimated home value) and 1 week value change. We’re using Yahoo! Maps which provides satellite imagery in case you want to see what the neighborhood looks like. And we also provide a graph to show historical price trends and a link to Yahoo! Answers so you can ask questions on real estate and home values.

In a day where most Yahoo oriented news is a bit depressing with their drop in stock value and delay of the new Yahoo Search Marketing system, this partnership is quite uplifting with Yahoo filling a hole in its Real Estate area while adding another Yahoo Maps partner, and of course Zillow is benefiting from the exposure and targeted traffic which is better and much cheaper than money can buy with something as 2005 as a PPC campaign.

Brian Smith of adds

“New companies can launch and make a splash with cool new technology or incredible consumer benefits, but PR or buzz can only go so far. The companies have to do SEO and PPC marketing…but PPC gets very expensive very quickly.

So then there’s ‘business development’ or ‘partnership marketing’. What Zillow is doing with Yahoo!. Y! gets great ‘content’ and Zillow gets incredible exposure. This is similar to Kaboodle and Mpire teaming up with eBay.

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Yahoo & Zillow Partner for Home Estimate Search

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