Yahoo ‘Whoops’ Dominoes

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Dominoes FallingPick a concern, any concern.  That’s what some Yahoo internal minds could be thinking about the brand’s present state of affairs.  Where could the trail of anxiety begin?

How about at the notion of trailing another search engine with a silly name (Well, many do.) for years?  Then let’s pour on the fact that the brand is settling into a newly-branded CEO since January.  Next, let’s consider that new CEO cut 2,000 jobs (14% of the Yahoo workforce).  That’s a good start.

Let’s also consider that the CEO may not be completely who he said.  No, it has nothing to do with competence as a leader.  It has to do with truthfulness about his computer science degree.  Then, consider the person who led the newly-elected CEO process is not seeking re-election on the company board.  How many words was that so far?  That’s many things to mind if you’re Yahoo.

Oh yeah, you may remember news a while back, regarding selling a portion of Alibaba to an Asian technology entity.  As the New York Times reports, the deal was weeks away from possible completion.

An industry analyst has no qualms calling it like it is, stating “this is the last thing on earth that this company [Yahoo] needed.”  You mean Google earth?

A committee is sorting out how Thompson was able to ‘get by’ lying about his credentials.  He cited getting dual degrees in computer science and accounting from Stonehill College.  Actual records only reflect the latter degree.  So what’s Thompson doing at Yahoo?  Why not become an accountant?  I’m being facetious of course; yet, the committee does want to understand the how, who, and when of the hiring process.

Scott Thompson doesn’t have a particular degree.   Does that change his level of competency?  His fate at Yahoo is yet unclear; but, the Times article reports some directors want to keep him on board.  Yahoo has enough problems, right?

Late Monday, Thompson did address employees via an email.  This is a section:  “We have all been working very hard to move the company forward…I want to apologize to you.”

What’s next for Yahoo?  With all the Google “going ons,” Yahoo’s state is an unfortunate one.  When trailing competitors, brands can’t afford all the “whoopsies,” especially a domino succession of them.

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Todd Bailey

Todd Bailey

Founder /Editor at pushStar Digital
Todd Bailey is the Founder/Editor of pushStar Digital. He works as Director of Search for Gen3 Marketing as well.
Todd Bailey
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  • John

    Todd, solid reporting on Yahoo here. The company surely is in trouble. In the search engine market share discussion, it seems Microsoft is going to keep pushing forward and challenge Google while Yahoo falls behind. I feel Yahoo should restructure a bit and challenge the likes of Oracle and Cisco in the software sector

  • Scott Salwolke

    It’s amazing that for all its miscues that Yahoo still clings to life. And now they have a committee to see how Thompson was able to lie about his credentials. Is this the same committee that hired him without doing a thorough background check? Where does it end.

    • Tom

      Actually, it’s a new set of directors that were hired to the board that will form the committee. These guys were hired after Thompson was hired when news came out that several directors would not be running for the board again.

  • Awe Par

    Thank you for posting this informative piece. Yahoo definitely needs some positive news to come down the pipeline. I think it would make sense to get rid of the CEO if he is found to have lied. It may hurt stocks but I think it would give the shareholders a better sense of security moving forward knowing that Yahoo is serious about its integrity.

  • Mike herkert

    Thank you Todd, good information. I have accounts with them and will watch them closely. Why some of these companies do things I think can only be found on the golf course. How Yahoo could sit by and watch Google rise like they are astounds me, I can’t remember who came first but always remember there being a yahoooo! Remember the commercials? Again thank you Todd for your incite on Yahoo.