Yahoo Video Gets a Makeover & New Site

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Today the Yahoo Video Blog announced not just an update to Yahoo Video, but a complete overhaul and all-new site.  Some of the new features include a 16:9 widescreen video player, increased file sizes, lots more content, embeddable videos and playlists, and a whole lot more!  Most noticeable is the focus on social networking type features.

With the changes, Yahoo Video is now a more interactive experience. Profiles now have the ability to include more in-depth information, allowing you to show your favorite playlists & videos, pick your own nickname, read/write comments, and add your contacts and fans.  Sharing videos has also become more than just being able to embed a video on your blog, but you can also create your own curated video experience with embeddable playlists.

Yahoo may have just handed out a bunch of pink slips, but it seems to me, at least in the past week or so that they’re really showing some promise.  First they announced oneConnect, which sounds pretty cool to me, and now Yahoo Video has gotten a major upgrade. If Yahoo can succeed in their focus on social networking integration with their services, they may have found their new niche.

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  • Amber Kaur

    I agree with OP that Yahoo may have it’s new niche with massive up gradation drive, but where is the innovation? every one is rowing the same boat, still You tube rocks.

    I feel Yahoo is not in good shape and finding it’s way to sustain in internet space.

  • Jacques Snyman for SEO Results

    Yahoo is slimming down and focusing on social media, the hottest piece of the internet pie at the moment. All they now need is for one of their apps to become really popular amongst users, a 1st preference item.

  • Simlock verwijderen

    I already heard about it, but such nice to read it more descriptive about it!