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Yahoo Video Beta Search

Yahoo Video Beta Search

Yahoo Video Beta Search

Looks like next step for the search engine companies after desktop search is to compete in the Video Search Market. AOL already has a solid presence in the market with their Singingfish startup they acquired sometime back. Now Yahoo! has rolled out their beta Video Search engine. Reports already suggest that both Google and MSN have been working on a similar kind of service since sometime.

Indexing videos on the web can be a complicated matter, as spiders have to guess the content based on few aspects available to them like file name. Yahoo! is planning to cooperate with the publishers, which want proper indexing of their content. They can help by providing the spiders proper information and keywords related to the published videos.

For this they has announced a new standard called Media RSS. Yahoo! is hoping web publishers would adapt it and in the end help search engines to easily index more and more content on the web.

Yahoo! Video Search currently support popular video formats including the Microsoft’s Windows Media, Apple Computer’s QuickTime, AVI files and RealNetworks’ RealMedia. They however are not disclosing how many videos they have got indexed till now.

Check out: Yahoo! Video Search Beta

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Yahoo Video Beta Search

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