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Yahoo Unveils New Tool for Mobile Content Management

Continuing their efforts in the mobile realm, Yahoo surprised us today with the launch of onePlace, a mobile application that aggregates and filters content for users.  Several have already likened the yet-to-be-released tool to MyYahoo for mobile users.

Yahoo’s onePlace fits along nicely with oneConnect, which was revealed last month.  onePlace incorporates an RSS reader, but can handle any type of online content including images, search queries, websites, videos, and news feeds.

While social bookmarking has taken a bite out of the desktop bookmark, bookmarks on mobile devices are still widely used, and often considered an essential part of the mobile browsing experience.  Searching on most mobile devices isn’t very pain or hassle free, and having your bookmarks or “favorites” easily accessible is imperative. onePlace will allow users to keep all of their favorite things in a ready to use list for quick access to content on the go.

Marco Boerries, executive VP of Connected Life at Yahoo, said the service is due to launch next quarter, and will allow users to pull their favorite information, content, and accounts from across the web through a computer and mobile devices.  Then, Yahoo recognizes, sorts and filters the info, using over 50 categories, which allows users to view it on their mobile devices.

The service, which is free, will be supported by ads.

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Yahoo Unveils New Tool for Mobile Content Management

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