Yahoo to Push Through with Planned Layoffs

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Things are definitely not looking good at the Yahoo camp. The previously reported planned layoffs is pushing through after all. And as previously published, the number of employees who are about to lose their jobs still stand at around 1,500, which could even go up to 2,000 come Wednesday – the D-Day for these Yahoo employees.

In addition, Kara Swisher of BoomTown has also enumerated the following particulars of the layoff that is about to happen on Wednesday at Yahoo:

  • Although the layoffs will be mostly across the board, majority of those who will be affected by the layoff would come from the human resources and finance departments.
  • Those who will be affected by the layoffs will be given the “normal separation period”, so they will have to leave the their offices within the same day
  • Yahoo execs are confident that there will be no problems on Wednesday, since the layoff was announced as early as October, so most of those employees are kind of expecting the official announcement and it is just a matter of waiting for the list of employees to be laid off, as no one knew yet who is going and who will remain.
  • And finally Jerry Yang is not leaving his CEO post yet.That’s probably because the Yahoo management has not selected a suitable replacement yet for Yang.
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  • Nick Stamoulis

    I think we are going to see many strange things occurring in 2009 in our industry

  • Yellow SEO

    I assume in a recession they would want to ramp up assuming online marketing would be on a rise. It will be interesting to see if the layoff are related to mostly non tech, marketing and search jobs just reducing cost and trimming fat or if they start to cut into there actual beefy parts of there staff.

  • Gidseo

    1,500 people lose their jobs and the guy who made the bad decisions is still there – whilst it continues thus, there isn’t much chance of a good outcome.
    At least if M$ had bought Yahoo the 1,500 people might have stock worth something…

  • Scott Mckeagan

    I wonder if the government will be looking at bailing out Yahoo any time soon? Interesting time we live in.