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Yahoo to Launch Search Pad Feature

Yahoo is about to launch a new search-related product called Search Pad. This search feature which may be mistaken for Google’s now defunct Notebook service will enable users to save and organize search results. In addition, users may also add notes and annotations to the search results which they can revisit anytime.Search Pad analyzes user search patterns and would ask users if they want to save their search results only when the service deemed that a relevant pattern in the query used by searchers has already been established. This happens for instance when conducting searches using string of different and yet related searches. Once users opted to save their search results, Yahoo would then provide a link which users can then click on and they will be brought to another screen. In that screen, users can then enter their notes/annotations. The saved search results can be viewed anytime and share with others as well. Of course to enable all this users must be logged-in to their Yahoo account.

The new search feature has been in test bed for several months now and after several refinements Yahoo is finally launching it later today. Yahoo hopes to maintain its current loyal users with this new search feature. Surely, the threat being imposed by Bing is taking its toll, and Yahoo should not take it in stride and must do something new with its search product.

Google has almost the same feature although not as fluid as Search Pad. And if Yahoo would do this right, it could certainly gain some tractions against rivals Google and most especially Bing.

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Yahoo to Launch Search Pad Feature

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