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Yahoo AMP : Adsense-like Ad Sales System

Seems like Yahoo won’t just be affected by any deadline given by Microsoft to accept their offer. While Microsoft is working on a possible solicitation talks, here’s Yahoo making a last ditch effort at boosting its online ad system.

The NYT is reporting about Yahoo’s new ad sales system called AMP (Ad Management Platform), which Yahoo is hoping to help it and its partners sell more graphical and other premium ads.The report said that the AMP will simplify online ads selling by Yahoo’s partner publishers in their own websites. Something which is definitely very AdSense-like. Ads focusing through geo-targetting and behavioral analysis will also be used by AMP.

Yahoo AMP was in deliberation since February during the Interactive Advertising Bureau meeting. Back then it was called the Advertiser and Publisher Exchange. Yahoo was trying to convince shareholders said that the new system would help Yahoo outpace the growth of the online graphical advertising marker over the next years.

Since then, Yahoo had been covertly showing the system to a select group of publishers from its newspaper consortium who are being targeted as early adopters of the system.

The Yahoo Board firmly believes that this new ad selling systems would help Yahoo catapult to its previous standing before as an almighty internet giant. This might be what Yahoo needs to boost its current business standing. But the problem is, it might be too late the hero for Yahoo as a couple of months before implementation maybe too far ahead. Who knows by that time – we might no longer be seeing Yahoo but Microhoo instead?

Update: Here’s a video demonstration of the new Ad Management Program. And here is the official press release from Yahoo.

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Yahoo AMP : Adsense-like Ad Sales System

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