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Yahoo to Launch a YouTube Like Video Portal

A couple of weeks ago Yahoo announced that it will be integrating video content into its photo sharing site, Flickr aside from intensifying content development into its Yahoo video portal by pushing more licensed videos from its partner content providers. But this seemed to have not generated too much hype and interest from the online video consumer crowd. And so, Yahoo has been silent since then until Mike Folgner, general manager of Yahoo video and Rebecca Paoletti, director of video strategy told the NYT about what Yahoo is really planning to launch which is:

a complete YouTube like video portal where users can view and share videos, create playlists and interact with other members

The question now is whether Yahoo is buying another YouTube clone? or is it developing a new video portal from its current Yahoo video and the technology used by Jumpcut, the video portal founded by Mike himself Buying another YouTube-like video portal is a pretty bleak option due to the scarcity of video portal start ups available for buyout and of course I don’t think Yahoo would be willing to stake into another video startup after buying out Jumpcut.

Yahoo’s new video portal is slated for launch before the year ends. We could only hope it could offer something new and far better features than the very popular and currently the leading video search portal, YouTube. Otherwise, Yahoo’s new video portal may be doom to fail even before it is launched.

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Yahoo to Launch a YouTube Like Video Portal

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