Yahoo Seeks New Merger Deal with AOL : Hopes to Avoid Microsoft

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Now, that it’s barely a month to go before the Yahoo Shareholders meeting on August 1 when the fate of the current Yahoo board is at stake, it is but natural for the current board members to seek ways on how to convince the Yahoo shareholders to re-elect the current Yahoo Board.

Words on the streets (and we mean business streets) say that Yahoo has renewed its merger talks with Time Warner, on a possible integration of Yahoo and AOL. The said deal which didn’t materialize before, since Yahoo to wrestle out Microsoft’s buy-out bid, would apparently amount to $10 billion.

The renewed interest on the AOL merger was not only brought about by the approaching shareholders’ meeting but also apparently because Microsoft has also approached AOL in a futile attempt to launch a break up bid of Yahoo.

With the clock ticking away, it’s no wonder that Jerry Yang has reportedly spent the long weekend, seeking the advise of Wall Street broker Goldman Sachs on the best alternative that Mr. Yang could present during the annual meeting.

Arnold Zafra
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  • Yang is such a git! How long is he going to keep running from comepetitor to competitor trying sell-out? What’s his deal? Do it once, raise your value. Do it over and over and over again, and look like an enterprise that’s desperate to sell before it comes out that you’re worth squat.

  • I am against Yahoo merging with MSN. I like Yahoo, just the way it is. AOL is a joke. I would hate to see how AOL might mess up Yahoo.

    We need a serious contender that can compete with Google, not fewer choices.