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Yahoo! Search Marketing (Panama) Adds Tools For Advertisers

The YSMBlog announced yesterday the addition of a few new tools in order to effectively help advertisers build out campaigns. While these changes seem to be small ones, nevertheless, anything helps new advertisers and for someone running multiple campaigns, tools to make that make creating a campaign more efficient are always welcome.

The first change is a move and copy feature which allows you to move keywords from one ad group to another.

Yahoo Search Marketing 1

The second change is what they call “keyword selection streamlined”. They go on to describe this change by stating, “In the early days of internal combustion, auto manufacturers quickly figured out that cars performed better when they were pointier at the front and tapered at the rear, helping them slip through the air more efficiently, like a fish. While we haven’t exactly done the same thing with our new keyword selector tool—there’s no tapering involved—we have made selecting keywords an easier process.

The new keyword selector tool is accessible to new advertisers in the online sign-up process, and to existing advertisers creating a new campaign or using the “+Add Keywords” button on the Ad Group page.”

The third change is a new ad copy tool to effectively create ads while comparing yours to other advertisers using the same keywords and what ad copy they have.

Yahoo Search Marketing 2

Pablo Palatnik is Managing Partner of eTrend Media Group, which specializes in Pay-Per-Click Management & Lead Generation.

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Yahoo! Search Marketing (Panama) Adds Tools For Advertisers

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